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AMC student Ryan takes a last-minute plunge to success

AMC student Ryan Moreton’s discusses his last-minute decision to study a degree which opens doors to the world.


Sometimes our best decisions are made in the blink of an eye. If you have a lifelong passion, why not take the plunge and study it, says Bachelor of Global Logistics and Maritime Management student Ryan.

The Launceston local and current AMC student has had a long-time love of being out on the water and so chose to follow this love to a career.

"I am born and bred in Launceston and have been around the water my whole life. I have been sailing since I was six years old and I have always had an interest in how people are able to share the water, both as a place for business and recreation," said Ryan.

In college, Ryan became fascinated with geography and economics, and so he sought a career which would combine these loves. Luckily, he found the perfect career for him on his back doorstep, through studying maritime logistics.

A last-minute change of plans has proved to be an excellent choice for Ryan.

On the final night of university applications closing, I found the AMC's Bachelor of Global Logistics and Maritime Management course; my plans of becoming a teacher went out the window.

I was able to stay at home with my family and while studying a degree which opens doors to the world.

"The choice to study at AMC, for me, was simple: the combination of a world-class course, excellent teaching staff and the ability to stay at home were all determining factors in deciding to study at AMC."

Launceston is the home of the AMC, and a hub for the global shipping industry. It's also a great place to live. Studying at the AMC means you can have the best of everything, a great career and a lot of fun along the ways, says Ryan. An adventure to a career you're passionate about.

"I have made some friends in the course who I hope to have for a long time. The AMC Seafarer's bar is THE place to be on a Friday. There's a perfect mix of shenanigans, relaxing and memory-making between people who you may not meet otherwise," he said.

The friends you make on campus are really important for support and make the experience really fun.

Studying at the AMC has been a fun adventure to an exciting career close to the water for Ryan.

"After graduation, I hope to become involved in the maritime industry rather than the logistics side of the degree. I hope to have a job within a shipping company or port so then I can remain close to the water and in my down-time I can continue sailing.

"I believe my qualifications will set me apart from other candidates who apply for these jobs. Also, this degree is very specialised and practical which I think will give me an edge."

Ryan is having such a good time at the AMC that he "100%" recommends it to others.

"AMC is able to open so many doors through their courses, whether you are designing, building, manning or organising ships and other maritime resources. The College is a world-renowned institution which takes great pride in the success of its students and will provide you support throughout your degree and beyond."

Main image credit: supplied by Ryan Moreton.