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Alec Munro jumped at the chance to intern at Incat.


While studying an economics degree at the University of Tasmania, Alec realised that this wasn’t where his interests lay. Instead, his future was in human resource management.

Switching to a Bachelor of Business was an easy change. It set him on a path towards developing a passion for industrial relations and organising people.

In his second year, Alec took the opportunity to do a Corporate Internship. This program is available to students with strong grades and allows them to achieve credit towards their degree. They also get to work in a business environment that suits their area of interest. Alec seized at the chance when he found out there was an internship on a work health and safety project at Incat, a world-leading catamaran builder with about 700 staff.

My internship with Incat was amazing,” Alec says. “I was able to meet with business professionals and begin building those connections.

I got to sit down with people working in HR, people in industrial relations, and various other heads of departments. This meant I got to talk to people that are where I want to be in five years, discuss how to get there, and the changes I need to make or the things I need to consider.

The internship is a great way to get hands-on experience and be mentored by professionals. Students get to talk and observe people in the field. It’s also a way to learn more about yourself and what you want your career to look like. 

I certainly have some advantages over my peers when entering the job market. I’ve now worked in a business environment, I have the experience of talking and writing and conducting myself in a professional manner, getting to know people and knowing what I want out of a career.

Alec’s enthusiasm, hard work and professionalism led him to a job at Incat after his internship.

One of the best ways of finding a job is through networking and knowing how to get into that field. When my internship was coming to an end a job vacancy came up at Incat, they had experience working with me and knew I was a good candidate for the role.

Alec’s experience studying a Bachelor of Business and completing a Corporate Internship has opened doors to a rewarding career.

I would highly recommend any student take up an internship through the University. Not only that experience working those hours, but you gain those connections. You’ve completed a project to leave behind. It can’t be compared to other university studies.

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