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Studying abroad is a dream come true

Longqin Wu took the leap to study marketing in Tasmania.

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Studying abroad had been Longqin Wu’s dream since primary school. She worked in English language training for seven years while saving up enough money to come to Tasmania and make that dream come true.

Longqin was always curious about marketing and knew it would give her the tools to one day start her own English language school. After doing some research, she decided to set her sights on studying a Master of Marketing Management at the University of Tasmania.

I found out that the University of Tasmania is Australia's fourth oldest university, which is also known for its unique location, excellent teaching staff and great student care. Therefore, after consideration, the University of Tasmania became my first choice.

Longqin also wanted to study somewhere that was different from the big city she grew up and worked in.

Since I was working in a busy and fast-paced city, it would be nice if I could stay and study somewhere close to nature. That’s why the University of Tasmania caught my attention when I was searching for universities online.

It didn’t take long for Longqin to fall in love with Tasmania and marketing. Her top two favourite units are Integrated Marketing Communications and Foundations of Marketing, taught by lecturers Louise Grimmer and Linda French.

They showed me the fun and essence of marketing, and they made me feel like I can study marketing all day every day.

During her studies, Longqin took the opportunity to complete a Corporate Internship at the Hobart-based HopCo. This company provides hop products and supplies to Australian breweries and home brew stores. She was nervous at first, with some self-doubt that quickly went away when she met her mentor, Heidi Skeels.

The moment I met with my mentor, Heidi Skeels, through an online meeting, all the doubts and worries went away. Through her smiles, laughs, care and friendliness, I immediately realised that I was going to be just fine, and I was going to learn a great deal through this program.

It turned out she was right. The internship gave her the chance to be hands-on and put what she had learnt into practice

HopCo showed me what it was like to work in a typical local company. My mentor, Heidi Skeels, taught me how to excel at my work, which would benefit me for the rest of my life.

Longqin has now graduated with a Master of Marketing Management. She’s equipped with the business and marketing skills to build a rewarding career.

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