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How studying business can take you anywhere.

Mark Acheson went back to Uni, not only for a career change, but for the amazing lifestyle on offer while studying.

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Universities all over the world teach business degrees. But there are none quite like the University of Tasmania. Studying at university isn’t just about what you learn inside the lecture theatre, it’s about building skills and experience you can take with you anywhere. The unique combination of friendly, helpful staff, and the amazing lifestyle, is what drew Mark Acheson back to University seeking a career change that has set him up for life.

After two years working in the field as a journalist, Mark Acheson was ready for a career change, so he enrolled in the Master of Marketing Management. Changing careers can seem daunting, but Mark says that studying at business at the University of Tasmania gave him the skills to take his career anywhere.

The business school was absolutely fantastic. I had some great mentors there that really looked after me. Whenever I felt like I was a little bit lost I could go back and work with them. The business school is world-class in terms of the tutors and the mentors they have there, the support there.

But it was the study/life balance that made him the envy of his interstate friends and set him up for a rewarding career.

“The work life and study life balance here is phenomenal; a lot of my friends on the mainland are envious that I finish my day job or my study and get out on the mountain bike or go for a bushwalk or meet friends at Salamanca. [That] is something you can’t do anywhere else.

It might sound like a cliché but look in any direction ten minutes from Hobart, or any [Tasmanian] city, and you’re out in the wilderness. Tassie has exploded, not only with mountain biking, but everything from bushwalking, to five-star accommodation, whatever it may be.

Through studying business, Mark was able to participate in the corporate internship program and gain hands on experience working for global businesses.

“Hands on experience means everything. I was able to show current employers and future employers that I had that industry experience.

“I was lucky enough to participate in the corporate internship program, and that just opened up many doors for me. After doing an internship with Kathmandu, I was able to go and work at Huon Aquaculture. Now I’ve found myself here at Blundstone, one of the most iconic brands in Tasmania. My current position is Global Services Brand Coordinator at Blundstone Australia.

“Now, I believe, is the best time to be going out and working internationally. I’ve developed my skillsets here in Tasmania thanks to working at some amazing, iconic, world-class brands so I hope that employers look upon on that favourably - the experience I have and the multiple degrees. I’ll be chasing something in my industry, and hoping that takes me to the next level.

“It’s surreal to think about where I came from, and also swapping industries as well. That would be my advice to anyone who’s looking for a career change or a change in studies:

Don’t be scared to draw a line in the sand and don’t be scared to start studies again.

This is proof that you can start again essentially and look to further your studies in a different field.

“Ask questions, leverage upon contacts, keep knocking on doors. Everyone in Tasmania is only too happy to help with their experience. The accessibility is great, the people you can learn from both inside and outside the University of Tasmania are only too happy to share their experience with you.

It only takes one phone call or asking one question and I think you can be on your way to a really rewarding career in whatever it is you want to do.

Studying business at the University of Tasmania gave me an incredibly rewarding career and set me up for life, and I don't think you could study anywhere else and get the opportunities you could at the University of Tasmania.

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