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New Digital PCR platform available for research

Image of a digital PCR instrument

The Central Science Laboratory is pleased to announce that a new Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction (dPCR) instrument is now available for use in the Molecular Genetics Facility.

The Molecular Genetics Facility is the university’s open access core facility for researchers needing access to molecular biology equipment, resources, and expertise.  Advances in dPCR technology bring exquisite sensitivity, precision and accuracy to DNA detection and amplification, and has broad applications across animal, plant, environmental and medical studies. Advantages of dPCR’s single copy sensitivity include rare-event detection and absolute quantification. The new QIAcuity One 5 plex dPCR platform in the CSL Molecular Genetics facility also offers high throughput multiplexed detection of up to 5 target DNA sequences simultaneously.  This capability complements existing PCR technologies available to researchers in this Facility, which have also been recently bolstered by the acquisition of a second MyRA liquid handling robotic system for fast, accurate and reproducible set-up of PCR reactions.  Our dedicated Facility taff are available to train, assist and perform molecular biology work for UTas researchers, and researchers may access the new dPCR platform themselves or send in samples for analysis. For further information please contact Adam Smolenski or Sharee McCammon.

Published on: 20 Sep 2023 1:00pm