AMC VET and coastal seafaring students, Beauty Point.

Why study maritime studies?

Studying at the AMC will give you the chance to experience hands-on learning with our range of cutting edge simulators and our impressive fleet of training and research vessels.

AMC is one of the seven founding members of the International Association of Maritime Universities, which represents five continents. AMC is also the strategic educational provider for Australia’s $90bn Naval Shipbuilding Plan, which requires thousands of maritime specialists across engineering, management, seafaring, and maritime operations. You could be creating the next generation of naval ships or helping guide the logistics required to support their construction and maintenance.

You can choose from flexible course options, with opportunities for full-time, part-time and online distance study.

Whether it’s captaining a vessel, safeguarding marine environments, designing advanced ocean engineering structures or keeping the world’s goods moving, AMC has the qualifications that will help you reach your career goals.

  • The AMC is Australia’s recognised national institute for maritime education, training and research.
  • We have the southern hemisphere’s most advanced maritime research and learning facilities.
  • The AMC is the strategic education partner for the Naval Shipbuilding and collaborations with the Australian maritime and shipbuilding industry.

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The Bluefin trip is part of our course that we get to do at the Australian maritime College with the University of Tasmania. It is a trip that we look forward to since the very first day of our course. It’s something that’s really interesting and really practical.

Hadiqua Khan
Bachelor of Engineering (Naval Architecture)

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= Course available online or by distance

Careers in maritime

Naval Architect. Design the largest and most complex machines on Earth. From luxury yachts and cruise liners, to the future of autonomous shipping, to Australia’s next generation naval fleet. This study option is also an excellent gateway to a career in government in the areas of commercial shipping, transport policy and administration.

Ocean, Maritime, and Offshore Engineer. Design, build, support and maintain the huge range of structures and machines that make up the maritime industry. This includes developing next-generation renewable energy by harnessing the power of waves and the tides, building ports and harbours, and exploring the ocean’s depths.

Maritime Business and Global Logistics Professional. Ninety per cent of world trade is sent via the oceans, and it takes specialist skills to manage this vast industry. Maritime business and global logistics professionals are in demand around the world, and careers extend beyond the ports to policy, finance and insurance, and national security and customs.

Ocean Seafaring. Work on all types of international merchant vessels, like cruise ships, tankers, and cargo carriers in one of two key career pathways: as a Navigation Officer in control of the navigational operation and management, or as a marine engineer or marine electrical engineer ensuring the safe, ongoing operation of large and complex machinery.

Maritime Operations and Coastal Seafaring. Coastal Seafarers are hands on, dynamic, highly mobile and skilled professionals with many career opportunities in maritime operations and coastal seafaring. You could be working with tourism charter boats, commercial fishing or trading vessels, or helping feed the world as part of the sustainable aquaculture industry.

Career opportunities

  • General crew member
  • Deck Officer
  • Marine Engineer
  • Marine Electro-Technical Officer
  • Cargo Supervisor
  • Terminal Manager
  • Marine Investigator
  • Nautical Advisor
  • Crew Manager
  • Shipyard Consultant
  • Maritime Auditor
  • Coastguard or Customs Official
  • Mooring Master
  • Quarantine Official
  • Ship repair Manager
  • Marine and Technical Surveyor
  • Marine Insurance Assessor
  • Fleet Manager
  • Marine Superintendent
  • Dry Dock Engineer
  • Commercial shipping
  • Ports and terminals
  • Transport policy and administration
  • Freight forwarding
  • Marine insurance
  • Ship agencies
  • Importing and exporting
  • International trade
  • Global transport
  • International logistics
  • Government and policy
  • Operations management
  • Customs broking
  • Ship management
  • Global procurement
  • Warehouse management
  • Other areas of international business
  • Vessel design such as high-speed ferries, underwater vehicles, submarines, patrol boats, frigates, working vessels and offshore floating systems
  • Supervision of vessel construction or trials
  • Vessel and Marine surveying
  • Engineering consultancy for coastal and subsea engineering projects
  • Offshore installations design and management
  • Alternative energy concepts design
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Tourism charter boats
  • Commercial fishing
  • Commercial trading vessels
  • Aquaculture and super yachts
  • Rig tenders
  • Onshore support vessels