Co-designed with industry to formalise your job knowledge and prepare your farm, and yourself, for what the future may bring.

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Graduate Diploma in Agribusiness (Specialisation)

Designed specifically for busy farming professionals

Online content, optional in-person intensives, and all projects relate to your specific operations

Skills to seize opportunities, and meet future challenges

Identify, assess, and harness opportunities, like supply chain diversification, while managing current and future challenges, including climate change

Affordable, accessible, and fully supported

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Take the time to work on your business, not just for your business

Our redesigned and fully online agribusiness course will give you the skills and knowledge you need to meet industry-wide challenges, from rising input costs to staff retention, while identifying and jumping on growth opportunities, like supply chain diversification. If you don’t think you can step away from your business, or you're seeing potential but unsure how to approach it, this is the course for you.

We’ve co-designed our course with industry specifically to be highly accessible and relevant for the busy working professional.

All content can be studied online and in your own time, minimising time away from your farm. Plus, your lecturer works with you throughout to understand your specific farming operation, making all your improvement projects relate to your operations. The analysis you undertake and change plans you produce can then have immediate benefits before you even graduate.

What you will study

This course equips current and future farm managers, owners and employers with the agribusiness skills and capabilities required to run a profitable and sustainable businesses.  You will study core subjects in leadership and people, financial management, global trends and opportunities, innovation, and strategy. Regardless of your background, this will give you a solid foundation to apply your new knowledge to your operations.

You can then select one of two specialisations designed to tailor your learning to the dairy, or horticulture sector. All your classes draw on decades of practical experience and research expertise at the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, as well as input from a valued industry partners Dairy Australia, and Horiculture Innovation Australia, while your projects and assignments are all related to your specific operations to ensure your learning can immediately bring benefits to your farm.

Study options in this degree

As dairy farm businesses become increasingly dynamic, the dairy industry requires highly capable people to be farm managers of the future. Experts are needed in strategic thinking, critical analysis, decision making, problem solving, human resource management and effective communication.

Developed in partnership with Dairy Australia, this specialisation is designed to equip current and future dairy farm managers with the capabilities required to run profitable and sustainable farm businesses. A hands-on course that provides practical, contemporary content with academic insights allows participants to apply theory to practice on an existing farm business from day one.

This specialisation is designed to equip owners and employees within the horticulture industry with the skills and capabilities required to run profitable and sustainable businesses.

Developed in partnership with some of the world’s leading names in horticulture; Horticulture Innovation Australia, Lincoln University (NZ), and Wageningen UR (Netherlands), this specialisation focuses on the development of a personal business plan, while providing you with skills across a wide range of areas within the horticultural sector.

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Where this course can take you

For the farm owner/manager, employee, supervisor, and future leader, the skills and knowledge built in this course will help you work on your business, not just in your business.

You'll be prepared to identify and take advantage of opportunities such as supply chain integration, diversifying your production, and be on the front foot of carbon and triple-bottom-line accounting requirements.

Through practical projects that use your farm as the topic, you'll also be ready to address whatever challenges the future holds, including input cost variation, risk management, staff attraction and retention, and mitigating the effects of climate change.

The skills and knowledge you develop are also highly valued throughout the sector, so if you're thinking of getting into agriculture, or progressing within the industry, this course can prepare you for an exciting career in areas such as:

  • Upstream of the farm: suppliers of stockfeed, chemicals, machinery, labour, finance, business advisory, transport, consultancy, and specialist services such as milking contractors.
  • Primary production: cropping, animal-based enterprises, aquaculture, pharmaceuticals, wineries, farm-based tourism.
  • Downstream of the farm: processors and value-adders, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, transport and storage operations, logistics, consultants.

Whatever your motivation, this course will give you what you need to progress yourself, and your business, into a thriving future.


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National Skills Commission: Skills Priority List June 2022


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Labour Market Insights: Increase projected by 2026^


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Increase projected by 2024^

Looking to advance your career in the dairy industry?

Hear from our students, staff, and industry contacts as they explain how the Graduate Diploma in Agribusiness (Dairy Management) is ideal for those looking to take the next step in their career, and take their farm into a prospering future.

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