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Outbound Students

UPDATE AUGUST 2020: Please note that due to the current situation relating to COVID-19 the Exchange program in semester 1, 2021 has been postponed until further notice.

Please note that there are a number of alternative mobility opportunities listed under the Virtual Overseas Experiences tab here

For more information please contact

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Top five reasons why you should study overseas

  1. Studying overseas provides you with the opportunity to combine travel and study.

  2. Students have the chance to study unique and prestigious courses from universities ranked in the top 2% from all over the world.

  3. Studying overseas is one of the most affordable ways to live abroad and is the best way to feel like you are a part of an international community. There are generous scholarships available for students and different pots of money to make life affordable and enjoyable.

  4. Being immersed in another culture teaches you how to adapt to new environments, exposes you to different teaching styles, helps you to create professional connections, make new friends and learn new languages.

  5. Studying overseas will enhance the value of your degree. It looks fantastic on your CV and will provide you with a competitive edge.
  6. International academic experience will assist your future employment prospects.

    A major study* of 10,000 employers worldwide found that employers associate International experiences on a graduates resume with the development of key employability characteristics including tolerance, being open-minded, being creative, taking initiative, empathy, respect and the ability to take on responsibility.

    Similarly, the same survey found that students who had an international experience on their resume, encountered shorter periods of time searching for work, gained more interesting and varied employment, and were paid more.

    *QS Global Employer Survey Report 2011 - How Employers Value and International Study Experience

It was an unforgettable experience. I've now got friends all over Europe and the world and to have shared this time with them is something very unique. The subjects I studied also gave me a really interesting perspective on what I've studied before and where I might take my studies in the future. If you're thinking about going on exchange, stop thinking, just do it.

Sophie Buttery
Exchange to Scotland