Unit for Medication Outcomes Research and Education (UMORE)

The Unit for Medication Outcomes Research and Education (UMORE) is an international leader in collaborative research into improved medication-related outcomes for patients.

UMORE aims to see improved community health as a result of our research, and we promote the practical application of our project findings in a range of health areas.

Working in collaboration with doctors, patients, health care organisations, academic institutions and the pharmaceutical industry, we research ways to assess and enhance the quality use of medicines and patient health outcomes.

UMORE provides services in pharmacy practice and quality use of medicines. We offer research and consultancy, and education and training services.

Research Areas

The five principal areas of research strength at UMORE are health informatics, anticoagulant drug therapy, medication reviews, chronic disease management and quality use of medicines.

  • Health informatics: using information and communications technology to improve health care delivery.
  • Anticoagulant drug therapy: improving the use of warfarin, and enabling patients to better monitor and manage their conditions.
  • Medication reviews: medication reviews by pharmacists can help to identify and resolve drug-related problems to promote the quality use of medicines.
  • Chronic disease management: improving the management and outcomes of chronic diseases such as asthma, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
  • Quality use of medicines: drug usage evaluation studies focusing on using medicines safely and effectively.

How does your group transform healthcare and ageing in Tasmania and around the globe?

One of UMORE's central objectives is "to establish relationships with key individuals and organisations, to improve quality use of medicine and health outcomes using innovative and efficient business practices". Collaboration is paramount to UMORE meeting this objective.

UMORE has a strong background of working cooperatively and is interested in developing further relationships and collaborations with academic institutions and health organisations. With our strong skills in health informatics, anticoagulation, medication reviews, chronic disease management and quality use of medicines, we are able to strengthen project teams in many areas.

UMORE researchers have a strong track record in developing and implementing innovative solutions to address evidence to practice gaps in a broad range of health settings including community pharmacies, general practices, Aged Care facilities and hospitals, as well as in transitional care between hospitals and other parts of the health system.

Major achievements or grants

Over the past 8 years, UMORE has received over $12 million dollars in research funding from a range of sources. The group has been responsible for the development and research of new pharmacy services, including the clinical interventions program for pharmacists funded under the 5thand 6th Community Pharmacy Agreements.

Since 2012, the group has been responsible for the delivery of the Medicines Australia Continuing Education Program, a national online educational program for Australia's pharmaceutical industry representatives. Members of the group have published over 200 peer-reviewed educational and research papers since inception.