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Prizes, Bursaries and Scholarships

Every year prizes, awards and scholarships are presented to Medicine students who are deserving of recognition and/or assistance.

Below is a list of prizes, awards and scholarships available specifically for Medicine students. Students are only required to apply for those prizes that specify an application process. For all other prizes, the student whom best meets the criteria outlined will receive the award.

Interested in scholarships? You may be eligible to apply for other scholarships that are not listed on this page. To search the full list of UTAS scholarships please visit the UTAS Scholarships and Bursaries website.

Students will be required to apply for scholarships. Please see the relevant link, or visit Scholarships and Bursaries for more information.

Scholarships and Bursaries

General Financial Support

Title Year Value Links Closing date
RCPA Pathology Scholarship any $2000 Form (PDF 51.5KB), Information (PDF 50.6KB) 2 May 2021
Hedley Lux Gregg Bursary 3-5 ≈$1500 Rules Forthcoming TBC
Rustica Bursaries All Varies Rustica site
GPSN Schwartz First Wave Scholarship Program 3-4 Varies GPSN site 29 Jun 2021
Rural Australia Medical Undergraduate Scholarship (RAMUS) All $10 000 RAMUS site 13 Jan 2021
AMA Indigenous Peoples' Medical Scholarship All $9000 p/a Rules (PDF 128 KB) 10 May 2021
Dr Vivian Barlow Tas Uni Scholarship 1 $3000 p/a More information TBC
Medical Council of Tasmania 2021 Medical Student Scholarship Yr 1 $8000 p/a More information TBC

Financial Support for Honours

Title Year Value Links Closing date
Medical Science Precinct Honours scholarship Honours $5000 More Information TBC
William and Beatrice Taylor Scholarship Honours $2000 Rules TBC 31 Oct 2021
Brenda White Scholarship in medical research Honours $10 000 More information TBC
Launceston Clinical School GP Honours Scholarship Honours $10 000 More information TBC

Financial Support for Electives

Title Year Value Links Closing date
AMA Elective Award Penultimate $500 More Information and form (WORD 117.2KB) 30th June 2021
Paediatrics Elective Scholarship (Alder Hey hospital, Liverpool , UK) 4 GBP 500 Scholarship Rules (WORD 39.9KB) 1 April 2021
Amber Weatherstone Memorial Scholarship (AIS Sports elective) 3-4 $750 Rules (WORD 106.8 KB) 30 June 2021
M Rushforth Bursary (Ophthalmology elective) Penultimate $1000 Rules (PDF 12 KB) 1 April 2021
Commercial Travellers Association RFDS Rural Electives Scholarship 4-5 $4000 More information 1 April 2021
Kathleen Menzies Elective Essay Prize Final $1000 Rules (WORD 490 KB) 1 April 2021
TSOM Elective Prizes (5) Final $500 Rules (WORD 491 KB) 1 April 2021
The Lund Bursary Final $1000 Rules (PDF 32 KB) 1 April 2021
Research in Low Resource Countries Bursary 4-5 $500 Rules (PDF 105 KB) June 30 and November 1 each year
Denis P Mackey Scholarship (GP focus) 4 $2500 More information TBC
Dr Santokh Singh Sindhu Travelling Scholarship in Paediatrics   $2500 More information 30 Jun 2021
Kenneth Douglas McConnell Memorial Bursary (Psychiatry focus)   $4000 More information TBC
Overseas student mobility scholarship 4-5 $2000 More information (DOCX 570KB) 1 Apr 2021
Tasmania Overseas Travel Scholarship 2-5 Up to $3000 More information 30 June 2021
Foundation Overseas Exchange Scholarship 2-5 Up to $5000 More information 30 June 2021
Estelle Marguerite Taylor Overseas Exchange Scholarship Any Up to $5000 More information 30 Jun 2021

Financial Support for Selectives

Title Year Value Links Closing date
Fred McKay Medical Student Scholarship 5 $3000 More Information 30 June 2021

Conference Funding

Title Year Value Links Closing date
Conference Support Funding Award All $750 Guidelines and form (WORD 983.6KB) 1 Apr 2021
1 Aug 2021

Funding for medical student organisations

Title Year Value Links Closing date
Medical student organisations funding application All Up to $500 Guidelines (WORD 1MB) 1 Apr 2021
1 Aug 2021


2021 Final Year Medicine Prize

To be eligible for any of the prizes listed below students must have:

  • Performed satisfactorily in all components of the final two years of the MBBS, and
  • Achieved the desired competency in all summative MCQ and OSCE assessments on the first attempt in the final two years of the course.

Please note that Prize criteria Expressions of Interest are available in the Final Year Prize MyLO unit.

Title Year Value Closing date
Allan J Foster Memorial Prize (M01) Final $200 18 July 2021
Andrew Platts Memorial Prize in Internal Medicine Final $2000 18 July 2021
Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists Prize (M95) Final Book voucher to value of $500 18 July 2021
Australian Medical Association (Tasmanian Branch) Prize (M03) Final $300 & Diploma 18 July 2021
David Gibson and Bruce McDonald Prize in Respiratory Medicine (M43) Final $250 towards learning resources 18 July 2021
Dr Bill Jackson Memorial Award (M92) Final $200 18 July 2021
Frank Gaha Prize (M17) Final $500 18 July 2021
Frank W. Fay Prize in Surgery (M16) Final $700 18 July 2021
JF Correy Prize (M29) Final $200 18 July 2021
John Daly Memorial Prize (M15) Final $150 & Medal 18 July 2021
Pete Donkersley Memorial Prize in Global Health (M121) Final $500 18 July 2021
Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Prize (M23) Final $300 voucher & Plaque 18 July 2021
The University of Tasmania Prize in Ophthalmology (supported by the Tasmanian Branch of RANZCO) (M24) Final $400 18 July 2021
Tasmanian Emergency Medicine Prize (M125) Final $300 plus a medallion and a framed certificate 18 July 2021
Therapeutics Guidelines Prizes (three) Final $150-$300 18 July 2021

Dean's Roll of Excellence

Rules for Eligibility (PDF 18.8 KB)

Prizes awarded without application required

Title Year Value Links
Clinical Distinction Awards Final Certificate only Rules (PDF 72.7 KB)
The Gurdip K. Sindhu Prize in Paediatrics Year 4 but awarded in Final $300 plus engraved Huon Pine box Rules (PDF 231 KB)
G. E. Clemons Award Final $200 Rules (PDF 218 KB)
Shepherd Millingen Prize & Boyd Prize Year 3 $200 Book Voucher Criteria (PDF 21.0 KB)
Launceston General Hospital Medical Staff Association Award Final $500 plus Medallion Criteria (PDF 218 KB)
RANZCOG Women's Health award Year 4 but awarded in Final $500 plus Certificate Criteria (PDF 229 KB)


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