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History of the Huon, Channel and Bruny Island Region: Printed Sources No. 1






The History of the Huon, Channel Bruny Island Region: Printed Sources


Richard Ely


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THE HISTORY OF THE HUON, CHANNEL BRUNY ISLAND REGION: PRINTED SOURCES is the first of a series of Tasmanian historical bibliographies which the Centre for Tasmanian Historical Studies, in conjunction with the History Department of the University of Tasmania, plans to issue.

This book is designed to assist those who are interested in the history of the Huon-Channel-Bruny Island area. It extensively lists and classifies printed materials relating to the history of the region, in both its Aboriginal and European phases.

A brief commentary is added to most items, to indicate their character and how they might prove useful to those seeking to learn more about the area's history.

The compiler, Dr Richard Ely, holds the position of Honorary Research Fellow in History at the University of Tasmania.