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Tasmanian Historical Studies Vol 14, 2009






Tasmanian Historical Studies - Vol. 14, 2009


Multiple Authors


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  • Introduction: Stefan Petrow
  • Kristyn Harman
    'Send in the Sydney Natives!' Deploying Mainlanders Against Tasmanian Aborigines
  • Elisabeth Wilson
    'The irregularity of killing people': Tasmanian Brethren Responses to World War I
  • Bruce Scates
    '[It] ought to be as famous as the Statue of Liberty': The Forgotten History of Tasmania's Cenotaph - Australia's First State War Memorial
Additional papers
  • Jessica Dietrich
    Lady Jane Franklin - Empress of Tasmania?
  • Eva Meidl
    A Picture of the Vanished: The Genesis of an Aboriginal Image in Ludwig Salvator's book 'Hobarttown oder eine Sommerfrische in den Antipoden', 1886
  • Stefan Petrow
    Saving Tasmania? The Anti-Transportation and Franklin river Campaigns
  • Kate Crowley
    Against Green Minority Government? Themes and Traditions in Tasmanian Politics