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Introducing our showcase for University of Tasmania Digital Collections and Research

andrew inglis clark

Andrew Inglis Clark

Andrew Inglis Clark is widely recognised as one of the primary architects of the Australian Constitution. Highlighting items from our Andrew Inglis Clark Collection, explore Clark’s world, writings and continuing influence.

TT Flynn


An exceptional biologist, a marine explorer with Mawson and the pioneer of research into the reproductive biology of Tasmanian marsupials. Discover Theodore Thomson Flynn,  the University’s first Professor of Biology and Errol Flynn’s dad.

University of Tasmania Cultural Collections

University Cultural Collections

Treasures that enable academic research, visual creativity and object based teaching and learning.

miss pinks wildflowers

Miss Pink's wildflowers

Showcasing a selection of the unique watercolour and pencil sketches of Central Australia arid lands' flora. Donated to the University of Tasmania Library Special and Rare Collections by Olive Pink and her family.

women in science

Women in science we admire

Astronauts, geneticists, geologists, biologists and engineers make up the honour roll of women scientists we admire. Delve in and find out more about these amazing scientists and why they have inspired our staff and students. Don’t forget to nominate a woman scientist who inspires you and we will add them to this honour roll.

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