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The way we behave. The way we think – studying psychology will delve into the science behind human behaviour.

Charlotte Webber

"The biggest highlight of my studies at the University of Tasmania would be getting accepted into my honours degree. It meant that I could indulge my combined interests of psychology and marketing to study consumer behaviour."

Charlotte Webber, Alumni

The study of psychology will delve into the science behind human behaviour and how we can use this science to solve practical problems in all sorts of situations. The University of Tasmania are leaders in psychology education offering pathways from a degree through to postgraduate level study. Our Psychology graduates work in a wide array of occupations and some also continue on to complete postgraduate training required to become a Registered Psychologist.

Less than 25% of graduates with a psychology major go on to become professional psychologists or counsellors. Many put their knowledge of psychology – understanding of human behaviour, skills in research methods, reporting and communicating – to work in various professions including marketing, business, advertising, criminal justice, education, public affairs, health services, human resources, and numerous other areas.

With so many options, take the time to browse our Psychology careers pages, to find out more about:

  • Health and social services
  • Business organisations
  • Research
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Academic and research psychologists

Bachelor Degree

Bachelor Degree with Honours

Master of Psychology (Clinical)

This course is for students who have studied psychology as a major through to honours, and who are seeking to become clinical psychologists through professionally accredited training.

Master of Professional Psychology

This course is one year in length comprising coursework, research training and practical placement to provide students with progression to a one-year Psychology Board of Australia approved internship program.


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