The School of Land and Food at the University of Tasmania challenges students to respond to the world's most pressing issue: to feed a growing global population while safeguarding our natural resources for the future.

Bringing together the interconnected, cutting-edge disciplines of geography, spatial science, agricultural science and food systems, the School provides students with a unique opportunity to search for solutions and contribute to global food security, resource efficiency and sustainable development.

We are setting a global trend in how agriculture, landscape and food-related science and education can create real societal benefits for farmers, consumers and for our environments.

The School is a vibrant centre of world-class teaching and research. We offer the highest number of scholarships at the University of Tasmania and one of the best staff-student ratios in Australia.

We collaborate closely with industry and organisations – both locally and internationally – to give staff and students exciting, challenging opportunities to further their careers and to contribute to the local and global community.

Wide Range of Careers

The study of agriculture and environmental science takes graduates into diverse careers – indoors, outdoors - in cities, rural areas and remote natural regions.

Our graduates are pursuing exciting careers at the cutting edge of agricultural and environmental activity all over the globe. They innovate, travel widely and contribute to the development of sustainable and prosperous communities.

Study in a Living Laboratory

We pride ourselves on offering hands-on learning in the ‘living laboratory’ that is the island state of Tasmania.

The University Farm is only 30 minutes from Hobart and comprises 340 hectares of mixed enterprise farming.

In studying with us you’ll have access to some of the most remarkable urban, rural, remote, and wild places in the world, all within a one-hour drive from the campus.

Improve the Future of People and the Planet

With an expanding human population and climate change, the future of people and the rest of nature will be strongly influenced by our graduates, who are expert in managing social and natural environments and agricultural innovation.

You have the chance to make a difference!