Print, copy, scan


Need help with online payment system? - contact Service Desk

You can also add credit via:

  • EFTPOS at any UTAS library (minimum EFTPOS transaction $5)

The cost of copying and printing is deducted from credit you have added to your CAPS account or purchased photocopy card.  Once you have added credit to your card you can use the copiers and printers.

Staff and Students

  • UTAS staff and students can use CAPS (copying & printing account) linked to their UTAS ID card to print and photocopy in any library. Free scanning to a USB device is offered in Libraries with multifunctional devices (MFDs)

Visitors and Non-UTAS borrowers

  • Can obtain a re-usable photocopy card from the desk in any UTAS library
  • Credit may be added to this card via the coin cashier unit.  Please bring appropriate change as the library is unable to provide change  
  • Refunds for photocopy cards are not available.
  • Visitors and Non-UTAS borrowers can photocopy but are unable to print
  • Free scanning to a USB device is offered in Libraries with multifunctional devices (MFDs)

Using Photocopiers

  • Swipe your card on the photocopier card reader and enter your PIN number

  • If it is the first time you have used the system, you will be asked to create a PIN number for your account

  • Your PIN number must be 4-8 numbers

  • Your PIN can be reset at the Client Services Desk in any UTAS Library

  • When you finish copying, press any key on the card reader to log off


  • When printing you will be asked for your UTAS user name and password

  • The balance on your UTAS ID card will display with the cost of the print job

  • The cost of the print job will be deducted

To connect your laptop for printing, please see the CAPS (Copying and Printing Services) information page from the Service Desk A-Z Self Help

Library Location Printers Scanners Colour
Coin Cashier
Art 2 B+W   2 1
Clinical    1 1
-          Level 1 1 B+W  2 1
Music   1 x A4 1 1
Cradle Coast  1 x A31 1
-          Level 1 1 B+W 1 x A4 2 1
-          Level 2   21
Morris Miller Library     
-          Level 2   1 x A4 2 1
-          Level 3    2 1
-          Level 5    1  
-          e-Lab 2 1 B+W    

The Multifunction devices can photocopy and print in colour and are also able to scan in full colour or black and white. You can save your scan to USB stick.

Cost per copy:

  • 12¢ per mono A4 page
  • 24¢ per mono A3 page
  • 50¢ per colour A4 page
  • $1.00 per colour A3 page

Scanning to a USB device

  • This is a free service


  • 12¢ per A4 page
  • 24¢ per mono A3
  • 50c per A4 colour page
  • $1.00 per colour A3 page 
recycled paper in use

The UTAS Library uses recycled paper in all copiers and printers.  The paper is manufactured from post-consumer waste (collected from office waste). In addition we provide a free scanning service from the colour Multi-Function Devices.

All copiers can be set to copy on both sides and the two pages into one option is linked directly from the copier display.

We recycle all copier and printer toner cartridges and provide paper recycling bins.