Central Science Laboratory

Proteomics Mass Spectrometry

Proteomics Instrument
Sandy Bay Campus, Chemistry Building, Room 334

The ThermoFinnegan LTQ Orbitrap is a high resolution Tandem Mass Spectrometer, with APCI, Electrospray and nano Electrospray ion sources. This is capable of high resolution, high mass accuracy tandem mass spectrometry.

The primary application of this facility is "Bottom up" Proteomics, both qualitative and quantitative. The Bioinformatics capability of the facility allows protein and genome database matching by Bioworks/SEQUEST and X!Tandem. For novel/unknown proteins, or proteins with unknown post-translational modifications, DeNovo sequencing using the software suite PEAKS is available. All proteomics searches are managed through the Labkey Computational Proteomics Analysis System. As well as the CPAS Proteomics server, the CSL also hosts a general Proteomics / Mass Spectrometry support site, which includes recommended sample preparation protocols. View the CPAS Proteomics Server and Proteomics support (available only within the University).

As well as "Bottom Up" Proteomics, the LTQ Orbitrap is also capable of "Top Down" Proteomics of whole proteins. The LTQ Orbitrap is also suitable for Metabolite Identification and Quantitation.

To book samples for analysis by the LTQ Orbitrap please contact Dr Richard Wilson at the Central Science Laboratory so we can discuss your requirements.

Proteomics Server and Support Site.