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New program to fund overseas experience

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University of Tasmania students will be offered a fully funded experience in Asia as part of a landmark new program that will remove barriers to overseas study.

The University Global Opportunity program – or UniGO – will fund travel to Indonesia, Malaysia or Vietnam for all domestic undergraduate students across 25 Degree courses.

In a nation-leading move, the full cost of the trip will be covered for domestic students, who will contribute only their normal HECS fee. Extra costs such as passports will also be supported for students experiencing financial hardship.

Students from disciplines across the University will travel for approximately three weeks, connecting with some of our most important regional neighbours.

“UniGO is all about equity and giving every student, regardless of their circumstances, a chance to experience international study,” College of Arts, Law and Education Executive Dean Professor Kate Darian-Smith said.

“It’s part of our commitment to ensuring all Tasmanians have the opportunity to receive the full benefit of a university education. Nearly all undergraduates will be able to access UniGO. Some of these students may never have thought they could afford an overseas trip as part of their study.”

Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam were chosen because of their importance to Australia as regional partners.

Students will work with local groups exploring how their study area can support sustainability projects in their destination country.

“This opportunity is absolutely amazing,” Bachelor of Arts student Jasmin Quick said. “Even if you’re not studying sustainability itself, it’s still a gateway to more career options and more knowledge. It’s a life-changing experience any time you get to travel.”

Led by the College of Arts, Law and Education, UniGO will form the core of a new elective to be offered across all colleges during Summer Semester.

“Students will learn about cultures that are vital to our future,” Professor Darian-Smith said.

“They’ll enhance the links between Australia, Tasmania and our regional neighbours and return with the new perspectives instilled by these kinds of experiences.”

Sustainability will be embedded in the design and delivery of UniGO and the program will be carbon neutral.

The UniGO program will commence in December. Expressions of interest are now open.