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Our research involves a wide variety of projects and outcomes, including research into sustainable design; complex computer and scientific modelling related to building design and performance; scholarly publications in history and theory; commercially related technical investigations and applications; and the relations between architecture, philosophy and art.

The complexity and inter-relatedness of the strands comprising the professions of architecture and design mean that research is very often interdisciplinary in nature. The School of Architecture & Design is committed to maintaining and developing its research profile and welcomes applications from students wishing to undertake postgraduate studies at Masters or PhD level.

Research Directions

Technology & Technics

Our research examines materials and environmental performance of buildings, spaces and materials allied to global imperatives for environmental and social sustainability. The Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood (CSAW) is a strategic, industry-focused research facility in the School. It undertakes nationally and internationally significant timber research to contribute new knowledge of timber as a building material that is efficient, economic, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible.

image of a laser cutter

Enabling Places

Our commitment to sustainable futures encompasses research into regional and resilient urbanism. The School’s Regional Urban Studies Laboratory (RUSL) explores needs and opportunities for design in regional cities, towns and communities. We pursue collaborative research into the design of sustainable, healthy and inclusive environments. Research in architectural and design theory, history and heritage offers situated bases for envisioning resilient futures.

Practice & Pedagogy

Our research explores contemporary modes of design practice, including collaborative and participatory models that engage and enable communities. We also undertake research into architectural pedagogies, including the use of ‘live’ projects, aimed at new approaches teaching future generations of designers. We are engaged with the University of Tasmania’s Creative Exchange Institute (CxI), which fosters interdisciplinary research, practice and teaching powered by experimental approaches in the visual and performing arts, architecture and design.