Sports Performance Optimisation Research Team (SPORT)

Enhancing athletic performance through analysis and modification of diet, nutritional supplements and training.

The Sports Performance Optimisation Research Team (SPORT) has an interest in enhancing athletic performance through nutritional modulation and supplementation, and via manipulation of training. In combination with collaborators at the University of Tasmania and both National and International partners, the SPORT investigates exercise performance and the associated molecular and system level alterations to provide mechanistic explanations of performance change.


  • Exploring oestrogen-microbiome interactions in female athletes
  • Prevention and management strategies for exercise induced gastrointestinal syndrome
  • Effect of heat acclimation on performance in cooler environments
  • Dual Force Plate Diagnostics in Athletic Populations
  • Preparing Elite Athletes for Competitive Sporting Events Through High Fidelity Training
  • Improving treatment of shoulder injury in elite swimmers

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Our research group has numerous collaborations with other research institutions (both national and international), national sporting Organisations and Australia's Network of Sport Institutes and Academies. A selection of these are The University of Queensland, Griffith University, Monash University, Edith Cowan University, Waseda University, Australian Institute of Sport, Tasmanian Institute of Sport, Singapore Sports Institute, Canadian Sports Institute, Cricket Tasmania and AFL Tasmania.

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