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Computer Lab Access

If you are a student in any one of the courses offered by the School of Health Sciences in Newnham you are able to use the computer facilities which are located in D001 (located in the basement of building D) during times when it is not being used for tutorials. You will need a swipe card to access the room.

There are also computers available for general student use in the learning hub in the library and the learning hub area near Lecture Theatre 5.

How to get a swipe card

  • Show your ID card to staff in the Reception area in Building C.
  • Fill in a Key Access Card Request Form
  • Take your completed & signed form to the Cashier
  • Pay a $10 deposit for Card at the Cashier’s Office
  • Take Cashier’s receipt to the Security Office (open between 11am-12pm)
  • Security will issue you with a Swipe Card
  • The $10 deposit will be refunded on return of the swipe card to Security.

Please note:

The Computer Lab will be booked by lecturers from the School of Health Sciences for tutorial sessions. These sessions will be posted on the notice board in D001. The Computer Lab IS NOT available for general use when tutorial sessions are being run.

The facilities are available on the proviso that students keep the room tidy and clean and that security is maintained.

If you need assistance with IT, library or online learning matters, contact IT support.