Originally from a Kuala Lumpur, Samantha traded in the bustling big city noise for the pristine nature and tranquillity of Hobart.                                           

The first time Samantha heard about Tasmania was from one of our international recruitment team. After a bit of research, as well as a chat with one of our lecturers, she decided to take the plunge and come here to study.

As a student, Samantha enjoyed the problem solving elements of maths and chemistry. She also loved meeting the friendly people of Hobart. Of her experience, Samantha said:

“At school I really liked maths, mostly because I like solving problems, and that’s what I love about Pharmacy. I can help people from all walks of life solve a variety of problems.”

As part of her course, Samantha has found the lecturers and other students to be approachable and welcoming.

“I have to say, coming from a big city to a small town, I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t fit in. But I very quickly made a lot of friends and now Hobart is very much home for me.”

Samantha has found the study environment here very supportive. She feels that much of her success is due to the approachability of her lecturers and tutors. Samantha also says that her placement experience provided her with a great deal of experience, which will ensure she leaves her degree ready to undertake an internship next year.

The University of Tasmania offers one of the most comprehensive placement programs in the country. Students are guaranteed placements in both a hospital and pharmacy setting, which helps increase employment opportunities and foster more rounded, sought-after graduates.

After completing her placements, Samantha will pursue a career in community pharmacy. As she approaches her final semester, she has been fortunate to have already secured a casual job, as well as an internship, for 2021. This was made possible through her placement with a local Hobart Pharmacy.

Samantha can’t wait to become “your friendly neighbourhood pharmacist”.

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