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Planning Your Finances

The Riawunna Centre provides a number of scholarships and bursaries as part of the University of Tasmania's Scholarships Program which provides students with significant financial and academic support to study. Awards are offered in a wide range of disciplines and selection is based on academic merit and/or financial need. They are available to students studying at undergraduate, honours, and postgraduate coursework levels.

Riawunna Scholarships & Bursaries

Riawunna Access Bursary 3 BURSARIES AWARDED EVERY SEMESTER up to $1,000
Riawunna Postgraduate Scholarship 1 SCHOLARSHIP AWARDED ANNUALLY $5,000
Riawunna West North-West Bursary 1 BURSARY AWARDED ANNUALLY $5,000
takamuna Scholarship for Accommodation RENEWABLE SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED EVERY SEMESTER up to $4,000
takamuna Scholarship for Education Costs SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED EVERY SEMESTER up to $2,500
tunapri rrala Scholarship for Tasmanian Aboriginal Students 1 SCHOLARSHIP AWARDED ANNUALLY $10,000

Riawunna wurakara to Higher Education Bursary

8 SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED ANNUALLY $1,000 for year 11 and 12 and $ 5,000 per year for 3 to 4 years at University.

Riawunna palanawina Accommodation and Living Allowance Scholarship

6 SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED ANNUALLY $12,000 per year for University Accommodation, balance paid to Living Allowance for 3 to 4 years.  The Scholarship is paid directly to Student Living.

***Applicants must meet the Commonwealth definition of Aboriginality to apply for these scholarships.

For further information please refer to the Riawunna scholarship application guide.