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Planning Your Finances

The Riawunna Centre provides a number of scholarships and bursaries as part of the University of Tasmania's Scholarships Program which provides students with significant financial and academic support to study. Awards are offered in a wide range of disciplines and selection is based on academic merit and/or financial need. They are available to students studying at undergraduate, honours, and postgraduate coursework levels.

Riawunna Scholarships & Bursaries

Riawunna Access Bursary 3 BURSARIES AWARDED EVERY SEMESTER up to $1,000
Riawunna Postgraduate Scholarship 1 SCHOLARSHIP AWARDED ANNUALLY $5,000
Riawunna West North-West Bursary 1 SCHOLARSHIP AWARDED ANNUALLY $5,000
takamuna Scholarship for Accommodation RENEWABLE SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED EVERY SEMESTER up to $4,000
takamuna Scholarship for Education Costs SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED EVERY SEMESTER up to $2,500
tunapri rrala Scholarship for Tasmanian Aboriginal Students 1 SCHOLARSHIP AWARDED ANNUALLY $10,000

***Applicants must meet the Commonwealth definition of Aboriginality to apply for these scholarships.

Submitting an application

The scholarship program runs on a calendar year basis. Applications for most awards commencing in Semester 1 open in early August and close strictly on 31 October of the year prior. The exception to this is scholarships for continuing engineering students, which open in April/May and close 30 June.

There is a very limited mid-year round for honours scholarships, overseas scholarships for domestic students, and the Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarships. Applications for these awards open in early May and close 30 June.


To receive these scholarships, applicants must meet all three of the following criteria for Aboriginality:

  1. Be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Australian descent
  2. Identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Australian
  3. Be accepted as such by the community in which you live or have lived

University study is an investment in your future that improves career prospects, expands your knowledge and empowers you to achieve. Here is an outline of the costs of first-year university. We know it can be daunting, but there are a number of resources you can access in order to ease the financial burden of study so that you can focus on succeeding.

First Year Costs*; Table 1


Student Services Amenities Fees (SSAF)**

Study Resources


$6,684 - $11,155


$46.20 per 12.5


$6000 - $13,000

Depending on your degree

Credit point unit of study. Refer to the SSAF website for further details.

Textbooks and stationery.

Recommendation for students moving away from home.

*Figures are based on a first year, full-time course, and the accommodation is not year round.

**Eligible students can defer their SSAF to a HECS-HELP loan instead of paying it up-front.

Other Services

Indigenous Scholarships Website



TUU Financial Support