UniGO: Eligible degrees

Students who have completed at least four units by end of semester 2 and have elective space can apply to enrol in the Uni-GO unit. If you are unsure of your eligibility, contact UConnect.

The following courses have sufficient elective space to undertake Uni-GO, though your eligibility may depend on how many electives you’ve already taken. When you submit an EOI we’ll check you’ve got enough space in your course and work with you if there are any issues.

If you are studying a double degree which includes the Bachelor of Arts you may still be eligible, even without elective space. By submitting an EOI we can consider your application, if you are eligible we will seek approvals to include Uni-GO in your study plan.

When planning your degree, always be sure to check the Course and Unit Handbook entry for your course to ensure you’re meeting all core requirements.

P3O Bachelor of Science
S4A Bachelor of Agricultural Science with Honours
P4D Bachelor of Engineering (Specialisation) with Honours
P3E Bachelor of Global Logistics and Maritime Management
24V1 Bachelor of Maritime Engineering (Specialisation)
P3M Bachelor of Natural Environment and Conservation
73G Bachelor of Surveying and Spatial Sciences
P3H Bachelor of Architecture and Built Environments
P3T Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology
P3L Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Science
P3I Bachelor of Design
24W Bachelor of Maritime Engineering (Specialisation) (Honours) (Co-Operative Education)
P1E Diploma of Global Logistics and Maritime Management
P2E Associate Degree in Global Logistics and Maritime Management
53E Bachelor of Medical Research
53F Bachelor of Psychological Science
M3S Bachelor of Dementia Care
M3X Bachelor of Biomedicine* from 2024 only
53I Bachelor of Health Science (Medical Radiation Science)
53H Bachelor of Nutrition Science
Z2H Associate Degree in Applied Health and Community Support
B3A Bachelor of Business
B3B Bachelor of Economics
Z2A Associate Degree in Agribusiness
Z2C Associate Degree in Applied Business
Z2C Associate Degree Applied Design
Z2F Associate Degree in Applied Technologies
Z2J Associate Degree Applied Science
X3P Bachelor of Philosophy - UniGO is not a fee waived unit
13O Bachelor of Music​
13Q Bachelor of Justice Studies​
13R Bachelor of Fine Arts​
A3A Bachelor of Arts
A3M Bachelor of Media and Communication
L3C Bachelor of Laws