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Teachers Aid, Educational Support and Home-schooling

  • Duration: Minimum 6-months, up to a maximum of  1 Year
  • Location:  Online

The Undergraduate Certificate in Education Support is a 6-month online course which provides a foundational understanding of educational practices. You'll develop problem-solving, communication and critical thinking skills relevant to many education careers, especially in a classroom setting as Integration Aides, Teacher Assistants, and School Support Officers.

Graduates may also seek employment in the industry training sector and communication-based jobs in other sectors.

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  • Duration: Minimum 2 Years, up to a maximum of 5 Years
  • Location:  Launceston or online

This two-year course provides an educational qualification for a range of education support roles including Teacher Assistants, Integration Aides, School Support Officers and Home-Schooling parents.

As a distinctive profession in its own right, Education Support is critical to the provision of educational access and equity, particularly for children and adults who may have distinct learning difficulties, lack confidence or motivation in learning, or who might otherwise be disengaged or marginalised from conventional educational systems or practices. This course values the critical role that Education Support workers play in enabling learners to overcome their barriers to learning success.

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Career opportunities

Teaching careers across Australia are growing fast, with employment in the Education and Training industry is projected to increase by 12.2 per cent over the next five years^. This growth is supported by increases in our school-aged population, continued strength in education internationally, and growing demand for adult and community education.

These are some of the top careers projected to grow in the next five years^.


Secondary School

Projected increase by 2024


Primary School

Projected increase by 2024


School Principals

Projected increase by 2024

^ ABS Labour Force Survey, National Skills Commission trend data to May 2019 and projections to 2024.

Study experience

Choosing education to change lives

“With teaching you are able to empower students. There’s those moments where they give you a certain look. You can see they finally get it, and they say ‘oh wow’!”

Jonathon's story