Music is indispensable for communication, entertainment, wellbeing, and expression. If you're passionate about making music, Tasmania is the place to be.

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Bachelor of Music

Unmatched access to industry professionals and equipment

Access industry-leading technical capabilities and generous studio spaces.

Introducing the Creative Curriculum

Complete two units that bring students together from multiple study areas in a fun, experimental environment

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Take part in concerts at the Hedberg, one of our newest and most advanced learning and performance spaces

If you're passionate about making music, Tasmania is the place to be

Studying music from our island campus of Tasmania teaches you to embrace diversity, connections and ingenuity, leading to a rewarding future in music.

In addition to core units covering a breadth of music topics, and your music practices major, you will also complete two Creative Curriculum units, designed to bring students together from different areas in a fun and experimental multidisciplinary environment.

Study options in this degree

A major is an area of focus in your degree. During your studies, you’ll study the Music Practice major, in which you develop your individual skills in a specialisation of your choice.

You also have the option to to utilise elective space in this degree to study a second major, which you can source from elsewhere in the University, such as the new major in Sustainability.

In addition to our Music majors below, you may also wish to look at our Creative Arts and Health study options.

Develop your voice through instrumentation, pitch, rhythm, harmony and form. Working with other composers and instrumentalists on projects, you’ll compose a variety of pieces and build a portfolio of compositions.

If you want a career composing film and television scores, music for games and media, events and advertising, or collaborating on music with other commercial applications, the Commercial Music Creation stream is for you.

Bring fresh and exciting perspectives to the music of the past and the present, while also building a portfolio of new creative work.

From jazz, funk and soul to hip-hop, rock and more, enhance your understanding and skills in contemporary music settings. Instruments you can study include voice, guitar, double bass or bass guitar, horns, drumkit, strings, or keyboard.

Develop your awareness of musical expression using technology, as well as how this is achieved at a professional level. Use industry standard audio tools to experiment with, reflect on, and develop your craft and skills.

Enhance your awareness of what is required for musical and emotional expression. Analyse, experiment, reflect on and revise your songs and the works of others in a supportive learning environment.

This innovative stream allows you to combine any two Bachelor of Music streams, or two different instruments within the Classical Performance or Jazz and Popular Music Performance streams, from your first year.

Further study options

While the Bachelor of Music provides skills, knowledge, and confidence to pursue a wide range of careers upon graduation, you may also wish to explore further study options

For honours course information, please visit Bachelor of Music with Honours

If you're interested in becoming a secondary teacher in music, you'll need to complete the Bachelor of Music, then apply for a Master of Teaching. Our Master of Teaching can be completed in 18 months, helping you reach your teaching career goals faster.

Find out more about what you'll study, entry requirements, fees and scholarships - and to apply.

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Career opportunities

While most graduates pursue work related to music, there are plenty of other career paths available. You can create new forms of music and artistic expression, develop an innovative music-related venture, collaborate across industries to solve social problems, or inspire and engage the next generation of musicians. Below are some of the top industries and careers projected to grow in the next five years.^


Creative and
Performing Arts

Projected industry growth to 2024



Projected job growth to 2024


Sound Recording and
Music Publishing

Projected industry growth to 2024

^ ABS Labour Force Survey, National Skills Commission trend data to May 2019 and projections to 2024

Scoring a new path at the Hedberg

Music students film scoring with a live orchestra from concept to completion

Collaborating, rehearsing, performing and recording can all take place in a single day at the Hedberg.

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