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BLOMA up for MOFO 2020

Following the success of MONA FOMA SOMA, The University of Tasmania’s Architecture & Design discipline will again be part of MONA FOMA 2020.

BLOMA was built by a small but dedicated group of students in a two-week intensive elective led by Dr Andrew Steen and Peter Booth, with the support of A&D’s Robin Green, in collaboration with ICT’s Dr Ananda Maiti, and in dialogue with MOFO executive producer Lee Cumberlidge and MOFO curator Brian Ritchie.

BLOMA is a 21st-century update of the Voice-O-Graphs of the mid-20th century. It combines an inflatable enclosure with a folded steel podium housing a microphone that records audio and uploads it to the web. Recordings are archived, and can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. The project goal of a mobile device that could democratise music and facilitate community communication led to an experimental architecture drawn digitally and made of Tyvek, steel, electronic components, and air.

Following MOFO 2020, Dr Steen hopes to place BLOMA in communities in northern Tasmania to enrich culture, enliven society and enlighten individuals through the medium of architecture.

More images of the BLOMA click HERE