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Variation Request


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If during the Course a pre-service teacher finds it necessary to request a variation to the scheduled Professional Experience as designated on the Professional Experience Calendar, then the pre-service teacher must formally document a request through the use of this form with the request accompanied by relevant documentation.

Please note that a variation to scheduled Professional Experience will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

Please read the guidelines for the relevant section below, fill in the detailed reason for variation, check the "I Agree" box and submit your application.


Guidelines for Awarding Variations to Professional Experience Pacements

Applications for a variation to Professional Experience placement on non-medical grounds must be for a serious cause. All applications to vary Professional Experience placement must be supported by documentation to substantiate the events resulting in the application. The School of Education retains the right to make further enquiries, if necessary, to substantiate any claim.

Applications from students who have not filled all other requirements of the unit during the semester, as set down by the School, are unlikely to be approved. Any history of applications for variations to Professional Experience placements will be thoroughly investigated and will be considered in the assessment of the application. Loss of study time may not qualify an applicant for a variation to Professional Experience placement. If a substantial proportion of the work for a unit has been missed, the student should consider applying for withdrawal without academic penalty.

Examples of acceptable supporting evidence include:

  • A letter from a medical practitioner or other appropriate person regarding emergency care of a family member. Routinecare commitments will not be accepted.
  • A statement from a professional counsellor indicating that the student could not reasonably be expected to undertake his/herProfessional Experience placement as a result of a crisis.
  • A statutory declaration to support an application on the basis of bereavement.

Work, holiday and sporting commitments will NOT be accepted as reasons for variation to a placement. Types of commitments which may be accepted include:

  • International, national or state representation in sporting or cultural events, confirmed by the organising body.
  • Civic Duties (e.g. Defence Force and Jury Duty)
  • Significant life experiences.

In the case of illness a medical certificate must be provided. The provision of this medical evidence does not guarantee that a variation to Professional Experience will be granted as the student must meet other conditions as listed below. In all but exceptional circumstances, the medical certificate must be dated from the commencement of, or during, the scheduled Professional Experience placement. Where the medical certificate is filled out before the day of the Professional Experience placement, it must cover the part duration or duration of the placement.


I,    confirm that I have read the above information and understand the guidelines under which my application will be assessed. I have included with my application appropriate supporting documentation. I authorise the University to seek such additional information as may be required.

Once you have checked that everything is correct, please check the box below agreeing to the content of this form and then press the Submit button.



  • By submitting this form electroncially I, the student, agree to the following declaration:
    This is a true and correct account of my signature and will be deemed a legal and binding signture.
  • The Faculty cannot guarantee the requested dates or locations as there are other scheduled practicums at this time. Thus, where possible you should be prepared for alternative dates (within reason) and some travel (within reason).
  • Any decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.