International Agents

Who is a typical University of Tasmania student?

The University regularly surveys its international students and one of the questions asked is "Why did you choose the University of Tasmania?". From these surveys, we get a picture, in general terms, of a typical University of Tasmania international student:

  • University of Tasmania students are typically looking for a very good university. Some cannot afford the Group of Eight, but still want to study at the best;
  • Some have good academic results from school or college and want to be rewarded with a scholarship;
  • Some want a qualification, taught in English, that is recognised internationally;
  • Some chose this University because its professional training was highly valued by employers;
  • Some are following their brother or sister, or a friend, from their home town;
  • Some are attracted by the lower cost of living, reasonable tuition fees and student discounts available in Tasmania;
  • Many research students say they want to study at this University because it is the best in their chosen field;
  • Some just want to study somewhere that's different, safe, friendly, beautiful, interesting - they don't follow trends blindly;
  • Some like the outdoors - bush walking, camping, skiing, swimming, or just exploring Tasmania - Australia's Holiday Island. One Chinese student said in a survey "I am studying where Australian and international people come for their holidays. How lucky is that!".