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We're updating our password process to make your information more safe and secure. You'll be asked to change your password four times per year. This portal will help you successfully update your password and devices.

Change your Password

Use Change Password if:

  • You want to set a new password
  • Your password has recently expired

Change Password

Staff are encouraged to change their password by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE when logged in on campus and selecting "Change a Password".
Ensure you update all your devices using the supplied guides on this page.

Reset your password

Use Set Password if:

  • You have forgotten your password
  • You cannot change your password via Change Password
  • You have your UTAS username and need to set an initial password

Set Password Registration

This service is available 24/7. You must be registered for this service prior to using it.
Most staff and students are already registered.

Click the registration button to change the mobile number for the MyPassword Service.

After a password change, use this to update your password on all your devices

Please select the type of phone you use:

Please select the type of laptop you use:

Please select the type of desktop you use:

Please select the type of tablet you use:

Change your password with our Mobile App

Download the University of Tasmania mobile app to change your password on the go.

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