Marketing at TSBE is a dynamic discipline, with excellent working relationships with local industry and the community.

When studying marketing at TSBE, you'll learn from people who are experts in the areas they teach.

Our researchers undertake quality research.This high-quality new thinking feeds into our teaching and is reflected in our University being ranked in the top 2% in the world in the latest QS World Rankings.

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Marketing encompasses the entire process through which value is created, captured and offered to customers.

It is also critical that marketing organisations establish and maintain relationships with customers to achieve and sustain a competitive advantage. In order to compete effectively in an increasingly dynamic global market, managers must be cognisant of the importance of marketing and how it contributes to the achievement of strategic goals.

Marketing can be studied as part of a number of degrees at the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics.

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Louise Grimmer

My research area is in retailing, focussing on small retail firms and which resources and strategies are important for their performance.

Dr Louise Grimmer


From the impact of Airbnb host recommendations on visits to local shops to MONA's role as a driver of cultural tourism and economic development and the entrepreneurial management style of the organisation – TSBE’s marketing research is looking at current trends impacting the local environment and beyond.

And it's research with impact - working closely with businesses to communicate research outcomes and learnings.

Kim Lehman

"At the moment the arts and cultural scene is very vibrant in Tasmania. MONA has really started off a seachange. There's probably no better place to be looking at the arts and culture sector."

Dr Kim Lehman