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Equal Opportunity Online

Welcome to EO Online 'Fair Play on Campus'

The University of Tasmania aims to enable an inclusive and diverse environment in which all students and staff are treated fairly and equitably; free of harassment and discrimination.

To raise the awareness of staff about harassment and discrimination issues, and to be clear about expected standards of behaviour we require all newly appointed staff to complete the online equal opportunity training program, EO Online 'Fair Play on Campus'.

Fair Play on Campus provides:

  • Self-paced, equity training,
  • theoretical knowledge and a practical understanding of how to apply equity principles in work and study environments, and
  • real-life case studies, examples and interactive learning techniques.

Completion of Module 1 is a requirement of probation for all staff. You are also encouraged to re-visit Fair Play on Campus periodically to refresh your knowledge, and to use the program as a resource when necessary.

For new staff appointed to management positions or who have supervisory responsibilities, Module 2 'Managers and Supervisors' is also compulsory, in addition to Module 1.

By working through the Fair Play On-Campus modules, you will:

  • enhance your understanding of how to deal with and prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace
  • understand your legal rights and responsibilities to achieve a discrimination and harassment free campus
  • increase awareness of equity policies, issues and strategies
  • have a reference for dealing with grievances and complaints

What is the process?

  • You must register the first time you access Fair Play on Campus
  • It will take you approximately one hour to complete Module One
  • You can complete it in sections, coming back to where you finished last time
  • In order to progress through each section you must complete all quizzes
  • Your completion will be recorded and you will receive a completion certificate for your records


EO Online – Fair Play on Campus has been developed in consultation with Vision Australia and every attempt has been made to ensure that EO Online complies with W3C accessibility standards for people with a disability.

Access Fair Play on Campus

Please report any problems using or accessing Fair Play on Campus to the Organisational Design and Development team.