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SoHS Student FAQ

First Year Student FAQ - Health Sciences

I want to change tutorial/practical groups

You will need to see your Unit Co-ordinator.

I think I've taken on too much this year, and want to drop a couple of units

Contact your course coordinator, or see Tracy Douglas (First Year Coordinator) in Room C105 (Newnham Campus). You may be referred to a Student Adviser who is located in the Student Centre for further information.

Note: International students who want to change their study program should talk to their course coordinator or the International Student Advisor at the Student Centre as a reduction in the number of units taken may affect your completion date and have implications for your visa.

I hate a unit that I'm doing - it doesn't make sense

First of all, see the unit coordinator of the unit. It may be a case of just sitting down with them and talking through some of your concerns.

If this doesn't work, or you really don't feel you can talk to any of the teaching staff in the unit, contact your course coordinator or Tracy Douglas. You may be referred to other student services.

There are also study resources on the University's current students website.

I don't understand my timetable

Contact your mentor or your course coordinator who will be able to assist you.

I need a unit outline/reading list for a course

Unit outlines are located on unit MyLO sites. If your access to the unit MyLO site has not yet been released, contact the unit coordinator.

I need to know about the Youth Allowance and Austudy

Please contact a Student Adviser They will assist you with all inquiries of this kind.

I'm having some personal problems, and need to talk to someone

The University of Tasmania Counselling Service offers free and confidential assistance.

You may also need to make an appointment to see the Student Adviser (international students can also see an International Student Advisor) at the Student Centre.

I haven't been at school for years, and really need help with my essays

There are several things you can do here:

  • You can go and see your tutors or unit coordinators in the individual units you are doing, and talk to them about your work. They may offer to help you individually.
  • If you feel you lack confidence overall, you should contact your mentor for advice regarding assignments. (Note - they won't write them for you! But they can help you.)
  • The other thing you can do is go and see a Student Adviser in the Student Centre. They will advise you regarding the availability of a number of student learning resources.


I want to change my enrolment and do another course

You should see the Health Adviser in the Student Centre. You should also contact the Course Coordinator of the course you wish to enrol in. You may also like to contact a Student Adviser in the Student Centre. You will then need to withdraw from your course and then enrol in the other course. It's important you make decisions about this before Census (cut off) Date. Find out more about Census Dates.

You will incur HECS fees for all the units you are enrolled in after the census date if you have not withdrawn from them after this date.

International Students must submit a new application and await the offer before withdrawing from current course. Contact the International Student Advisor in the Student Centre regarding this application process.

You can also use the Career Advice service: To access these services you can register with Career Hub by going to

How do I access safety information for a particular unit?

Contact the unit coordinator. Units which involve laboratory work have particular safety protocols which are available to all students. Safety information for specific units can be found in the unit outline and on the unit MyLO site.

What is the difference between a unit and a course?

A unit is a subject which has a specific code. You enrol in a number of units in a course e.g. CXA171 Cell Biology and Function. A course is essentially the degree or diploma which you are enrolled in, e.g. Bachelor of Health Science.

What do I do if I miss a practical session, tutorial or lecture in a particular unit?

See the unit co-ordinator. Make sure that you familiarise yourself with the attendance requirements of each unit. These are usually found in the unit outline which is located on the unit MyLO site. Attendance at practical sessions is often compulsory.

Where do I purchase a practical booklet for a particular unit?

Most practical booklets can be purchased from the Co-Op Bookshop. Check with your unit co-ordinator. Practical booklets are also often available online on the unit MyLO site.

I have failed my first assignment. Will I automatically fail the unit?

Not usually. Each assignment makes up a component of your final mark. Sometimes you will have to pass an assignment or assessment item to pass a unit. If you are unsure, check your unit outline or see the Unit co-ordinator, or you can see a Student Adviser in the Student Centre.

Do I have to pass the final exam to pass the unit?

The final exam is usually just one component of assessment in a unit. In the majority of units you need to achieve an overall aggregate mark of at least 50% to pass the unit. In some units you are required to pass final theory and/or practical exams. Please check specific unit outlines for details.

If I fail a unit in first year can I still enrol in 2nd year next year?

Yes you can enrol in any 2nd year units which do not require the unit that you have failed as a prerequisite.

What is a prerequisite and a co-requisite?

A prerequisite is a unit or subject which you must have already successfully passed to be able to study a later unit. A co-requisite is a unit that is taken in conjunction with another unit (i.e. you need to enrol in both units).

What is MyLO?

MyLO is the University of Tasmania learning management system. You can access it through the student homepage and log on with your student identification name and password. Units use MyLO to support material delivered face-to-face and many units are dependant on MyLO for some or all forms of teaching and/or assessment. There are specific MyLO student help resources available to you once you log into MyLO on the University of Tasmania website.

Academic Issues - International Students.

If you are having difficulty understanding a part of your course or difficulty with an assignment, you should contact your unit coordinator or the International Student Advisor located in the Student Centre. Your School of Health Sciences mentor may also be able to assist you.