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Tasmania's first multidisciplinary dementia and cognition clinic opens

On 22 February 2021, the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre launched the new Tasmanian Dementia and Cognition Clinic (The ISLAND Clinic).  The Clinic will see Tasmanians, who have been referred by their General Practitioner, for assessment of their cognitive function.

The Tasmanian Dementia and Cognition Clinic (The ISLAND Clinic) is the first of its kind for the state in providing a multidisciplinary centre which will offer a range of medical and allied health professionals to help assist people who are experiencing difficulties related to their memory or changes in other areas of brain function. The Clinic team includes geriatricians, neurologists, GP's, neuropsychologist, psychologist, nurse practitioners and physiotherapist. The clinicians will work closely with other health providers, including iMed for state-of-the-art imaging.

The Clinic is set to see its first patients on 3 March 2021 and patients will receive a comprehensive assessment of their memory and thinking concerns. If required, a detailed management plan discussing disease modifying options, and other advice and support will be provided to the patient's GP. Access to Dementia Australia representatives will be made available for any advice on services and supports needed. People who have concerns with their memory or other areas of brain function or are worried about the changes in these areas of a loved one, can request a referral from a GP to access the Clinic.

The ISLAND Clinic will provide an invaluable opportunity for patients to participate in research, which is voluntary.  This research can help us to learn more about dementia, its diagnosis and treatment, which will benefit current and future generations. The research conducted will also be linked to the National Health and Medical Research Council-funded Australian Dementia Network (ADNet) and will provide new information about the care experiences of people with dementia. Local research will also include new methods to diagnose dementia in its earliest stages.

The Clinic is part of the ISLAND Project, run by the Wicking Dementia Centre, and is based in Hobart and offers state-wide consultations.