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The degree has helped me understand that there's an enormous amount that we can do, every day, to help support people living with dementia to live well. Not just in an aged care setting, it's in a broader social impact as a society, as a community, as organisations.

Jayne MacLean, 2021 Bachelor of Dementia Care Graduate

As I started the best thing was every single topic that we covered, I could take to work and implement things straight away, and make change…… I could see immediate change in my workplace.

Cherie Ho, 2019 Diploma of Dementia Care Graduate

Once I sat through the MOOC I could see the merit of understanding the neuroscience and the behavioural and caring aspects it was a natural follow on to take on the BDC [Diploma].

Ian Sutherland, 2019 Diploma of Dementia Care Graduate

My goal is to provide a tangible difference in quality care for dementia. I’ve loved the course because it’s so specific, just focusing on the one field.. you build a bigger picture of dementia … from a personal perspective and the care.… and social impact.

Emma Elaine, 2019 Bachelor of Dementia Care student

Feedback from our Students and Graduates

My motivation to start study occurred one evening at work. I was with a group of five people living with dementia and we were discussing the impacts that dementia had on their lives. There seemed to be a general feeling of resignation and hopelessness, so I said, “I want you to know that at this moment, right around the whole world, there are scientists who are working to find a cure for dementia, and I promise that your experiences will not have been in vain”. It was in that instant I cemented my commitment to completing the Bachelor of Dementia Care. Although I was to falter a few times, I constantly reminded myself of my promise.

Maria, 2021 Bachelor of Dementia Care graduate

Online study was perfect for me. The lecturers managed to engage students from many locations and were responsive to discussion board questions and collaborative sessions. Study fitted in with my working and personal life and assignment feedback encouraged me to dig deeper and strive harder. I have learnt so much and gained a much greater understanding of dementia. Like so many of us in the industry I have had previous dementia training, however the opportunity to study and gain recognised qualifications was too good to resist. I thoroughly recommend study through the Wicking Dementia Centre to anyone wanting to provide compassionate and informed support to people with dementia.

Robyn, 2021 Associate Degree in Dementia Care graduate

I have now completed all three MOOC courses and can honestly say that they have been the catalyst for me wanting to further my studies. I work with people living with dementia and can truly say that the insight the Diploma course content has given me has made a remarkable difference to how I conduct my professional self within my role. I find myself trying to 'live in their world' because I now have just a glimpse into that world.

Christina, 2021 Diploma of Dementia Care student

Thank you for all the support during this unit, the learning and depth of knowledge imparted has been an incredibly rewarding experience and I feel so inspired and prepared to go forth and speak out with evidence and compassion.

Leanne, 2020 Master of Dementia student

I have the privilege of down time during my working day to get on my phone and access the content. I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to complete a discussion board post relevant to the learnt content and feel by participating in this optional activity that it cements my learning. This unit is so relevant to me as a home care worker/dementia carer.

Lois, 2020 Master of Dementia Student

Doing [the MOOC] in your own time and at your own pace was fantastic, it gave you the opportunity to really think about it step by step. By doing it online it was really good … I could fit it into my daily life in my timeframe.

Catrina Boon, Understanding Dementia MOOC participant

Understanding Dementia MOOC testimonials

I feel this study is great for people caring for people living with dementias at home or nursing home and even where people with dementia attend for day respite facilities. I found this as a person living with a Mixed Dementia very helpful to understand in some way about what is happening to me without my depression or anxiety getting worse. Even at High Schools this knowledge about dementia needs to be taught. Community Centres, Senior Citizen Group, Presidents in communities. So they will know how to react when a person shows a sign of dementia.

Anonymous, 2021

This is the best course I have ever completed. I am a Registered Nurse with PostGraduate Certificate and Diploma and I cannot believe how wonderful this course was. It was like having a great book, you are sad to finish. I am disappointed it is over, but excited about the brain injury course coming up in June. I have never worked with dementia patients and now want to get into that field. You should be congratulated, this course is amazing. Well done, you should be so proud.

Kate, Australia, 2021

I just would like to say that this is the BEST MOOC I've ever taken, in terms of content and delivery. The course actually delivers what was promised, I know I'm not finished with the course yet, but already I've gained much better understanding about dementia since I started this course. I found the conversation-type delivery very helpful to understand the subject/lesson being discussed. Thank you very much for making this course available, it helps me overcome my apprehension regarding dementia.

Agustiah, New Zealand, 2021

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for designing such a wonderful course. It not just enhances the knowledge regarding dementia but also, emotionally gets you so involved in it. I am enjoying this course to the fullest and hope to make the best use of it in my area of work. Thank you once again for all your efforts in designing this course.

Tripti, India, 2020

Thank you so much for this course. I'm enjoying learning about dementia this way, the course content is brilliant and I'm so very impressed with the way the course has been put together. I love the conversations between professionals in particular, and am grateful for their involvement and sharing of their expertise with me. It is all wonderfully clear, with a good level of the scientific/medical information, but without being beyond those like me who have absolutely no medical background. And it is not at all condescending. A special thanks to Prof. Fran McInerney. She would have to be one of the best educators I have ever encountered.

Jacqueline, Australia, 2020

Preventing Dementia MOOC testimonials

The program was excellent from start to finish. Thank you so much for opening this course up to people across the world at no cost. I am much better informed about dementia, the risk factors and what I as an individual can do to modify my risks as a result of the course.

Donna, Australia, 2021

Thank you for creating an engaging and excellent course that's helped me understand more about dementia and put me into a better position to support my parents and look at my own modifiable risk factors.

Fiona, Australia, 2021

The two dementia courses I did through you were simply amazing. Well constructed, user friendly, excellent content, and I learnt a lot. I was involved in education all my working life (in retirement I am now working as a carer) and so have something of a critical eye. I can honestly say that your courses are amongst the best I have ever done, and certainly the best online ones. So with my appreciation and thanks.

Dot, United Kingdom, 2021

Certainly helpful as I am in mid-life and I can start making changes now knowing they will be of benefit to my health in the future. Very interesting and informative. Will also help in my aged care job.

Catherine, Australia, 2020

Since completing both the Understanding Dementia and the Preventing Dementia MOOCS, I am now training to become an accredited Montessori for Dementia and Ageing practitioner, which I first learnt about during the ‘Understanding‘ MOOC.  Both MOOCS are brilliant in so many different ways!

Angela, UK, 2020

Achieving better outcomes for people living with dementia

My name is Lauretta and I have just graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Diploma of Dementia Care. I had already done the Understanding Dementia MOOC course and wanted to improve my knowledge about dementia. I had worked for many years with dementia clients as a diversional therapist and am still doing sessions (at present online). I also realised that I too could develop dementia so it would be useful to have a better knowledge background. I took the opportunity to enrol and was really happy to be accepted. I was 77 when I enrolled so being able to study at my age and graduating at 80 indicates that ageism is no longer a factor for people who wish to consider study later in life.


How my newfound knowledge of dementia care has helped my family

When my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s my sisters, and I were quite unsure about it all. We contacted Dementia Australia who were great and they directed us to the Understanding Dementia and Preventing Dementia MOOCs. I completed both MOOCs and then took up the Bachelor of Dementia Care at the University of Tasmania with the aim of becoming more informed for my family and enabling us to target care for my dad as well as know how to interact with him.

It certainly has helped.


Handfuls of usefulness

In Room 17 of the secure dementia unit, a plump grey-haired woman stood next to the bed clutching two small teddies. Upon seeing me, her face broke into a broad smile. ‘Hullo, I was just going to see if you were going to come and … um do the thing that the others were going to do…’.

Her voice trailed away. I squeezed her to me and she returned my hug with enthusiasm. My mother was never one for physical displays of affection before she developed Alzheimer’s.


Understanding Dementia MOOC – a personal experience

Kate found out around 6 months ago that a family member in the UK had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and she was desperate to find out as much as she could about what the diagnosis meant to her and her family.

After trawling the internet and realising there were just too many sources of information and opinions for her to sort through, she remembered the Wicking Dementia Centre and the research they had been doing over the years, and quickly signed up for the free, online, Understanding Dementia MOOC.


Dementia education – the practical outcomes

I first heard about the University of Tasmania’s MOOC on Understanding Dementia, around three years ago. My role as an aged care nurse had changed to caring and meeting the needs of residents living with dementia and I felt very underprepared. The online course gave me greater insight into how the person living with dementia viewed his or her world. I then completed the MOOC on Preventing Dementia. Around this time my career pathway transitioned into the role of clinical nurse educator for my organisation while still doing active nursing. The latter role has now ceased, and I am an educator, part-time, for two care homes.