If you’re looking for a degree to give you the versatility to be welcomed into any industry, and to make your way into a leadership position, you’re looking in the right place.

So many fields rely on people with an understanding of how business and economics work – you’ll be amazed at the variety of courses that include these essential subjects.

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Tu Ngoc Thanh (Grace) Nguyen (Vietnam), Bachelor of Business

"Being in Tasmania has totally lived up to my expectations – the living expenses are reasonable and, on campus, there are..."

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Vern Kit Yap (Malaysia)
Bachelor of Economics

"I am currently living on campus at Christ College. I find it to be a far more convenient option than living..."

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Ajay Sharma (India), Masters of Business Administration (Maritime and Logistics Management)

"The Department of Maritime and Logistics Management at AMC has very high standards. Staff go to great lengths to ensure that..."

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