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Two-year degrees

Become job-ready in two years.

Hands on learning that puts you ahead.

Life is busy. That's why our courses come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to pick the right one to suit your lifestyle and career aspirations. Our range of innovative, flexible two-year degrees are perfect if you're looking for a shorter, job-focused qualification. Most importantly, you'll learn real skills that will help you get into the workforce sooner.

Our courses not only provide tailored learning for specific professions, but also deliver transferable knowledge and skills. That means everything you learn can be transferred from one career to another - giving you endless options for the future.

Why study a two-year degree or certificate with us?

Fast-track your studies and begin your career sooner by completing your degree in two years.

Learn practical skills relevant to your work while building meaningful connections with industry.

Get support from passionate teachers, industry experts and educational coaches.

Our Courses

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