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Stephanie Jack: 混 hùn


An exploration of the changing understandings of life by 26 contemporary artists.

Start Date

Sept 24, 2022

End Date

Oct 15, 2022


Plimsoll Gallery

photo credit stephanie jack

Photo credit: Stephanie jack

Join us to celebrate 混 hùn, by Stephanie Jack.

Depending on context, 混 hùn (pronounced “huen”) means mix, muddle, hybrid, nebulous, or primordial chaos. Stephanie Jack is a hùn xùe (mixed blood) actor and multidisciplinary creative working across video, sound, and performance. This installation is a work-in-progress exploring the fluid and contextual nature of Stephanie’s racial identity.

From multiracial code-switching, to online and offline acts of cultural reclamation, 混 hùn asks: how do we hold multiple identities at once?

This is a multilingual work in English, Mandarin, and Fuzhou dialect.

Opening event and performance

Saturday 24 September
3:30 - 6:30 pm

Performance: 4:00 - 4:30 pm

DJ set: 4:30 - 6:30 pm

Performance: a bowl of primal chaos 

Saturday 24 September 4 - 4:30pm

Somewhere between a reading, an experimental sound art piece, and an homage to Mandopop, some parts proficiently produced, and other parts intuitively improvised, Stephanie Jack and multi-instrumentalist Blaise Garza perform a bowl of primal chaos as an extension to 混 hùn.

Join for the performance and/or hang out for complimentary drinks and nibbles soundtracked by a curated DJ set of Mandopop classics, 1960s Singapore hits, and Chinese hip-hop.

Photo credit: wanjie li

Photo credit: wanjie li


This presentation of the 混 hùn is part of MOTION SENSOR, a new multi-year creative laboratory series of experimental visual art and performance programs, exploring how artists navigate the complexities of fixed domains.

Each year, we invite artists and creative practitioners to present a current work in development, experimenting across art forms, revealing to us their practices of code-switching and navigating the complexities of containers that simultaneously hold us but also contain us. Through a series of cross-art form investigations, artists in this iteration of MOTION SENSOR interrogates institutional inertias, gender generalisations, cultural cacophonies, and people perceptions.

Artists: Luke John Campbell, Stephanie Jack, and Dexter Rosengrave.

Curators: Jane Barlow and Caine Chennatt


24 September - 15 October 2022
11am – 4pm Tuesdays – Saturdays
Closed Sundays, Mondays and public holidays