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Bachelor of Education (Health & Physical Education)

Professional Experience Units and Pre-Requisite Units

In order to undertake Professional Experience you must be enrolled in the correct unit. If you are unsure which unit is correct, or for any enrolment or eligibility questions please contact a CALE Student Advisor via UConnect.

It is a student’s responsibility to ensure that their enrolment is correct by census date.

  • Professional Experience 1 - ESP100
    In order to enrol in ESP100  you must have successfully completed ESP170 and ESP180 and (ESH102 or EDU102)
  • Professional Experience 2 - ESP200 (or ESP300 in third year)
    In order to enrol in ESP200 you must have successfully completed all second-year units including ESP100
  • Professional Experience 3 - ESP300 (or ESH301 in fourth year)
    In order to enrol in ESP300 you must have successfully completed all third-year units including ESP200. If you commenced your course from Semester 2, 2016, you must also successfully complete both LANTITE tests (EPE101 and EPE102) prior to enrolling in PE3

    You must also be enrolled in ESH306 Preparing for the Profession as a co-requisite unit. Both PE3 and ESH306 must be completed in your final semester of study.

Professional Experience Dates 2023

YearCodePEDatesDurationFinal Enrolment Date
2nd ESP100* PE1

Block A: 29th May – 30th June


Block B: 16th October – 8th December

20 days 3rd March 2023
3rd ESP200 PE2 22nd May – 30th June 30 days 3rd March 2023
4th ESP300** PE3

Semester 1

Block 1: 1st May – 5th May

Block 2: 22nd May - 23rd June


Semester 2

Block 1: 28th August – 8th September

Block 2: 16th October - 10th November

30 days

3rd March 2023

21st July 2023

* ESP100 (PE1) students will undertake 20 days in either Block A or Block B however all students must enrol in Semester 1

** ESP300 (PE3) must be completed in your final semester of study.

Placement Expectations

The school you attend for professional experience placement may require you to obtain consent prior to using data or information about students for your coursework. Please liaise with your supervising teacher about the school’s approach to accessing data and managing permissions. You may also find these standard Faculty of Education documents helpful to this end: