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PebblePad Support sheets

These sheets have been created in response to requests for PebblePad and ATLAS help. More sheets will be added as they are created. If you would like a help sheet on a task, please email

Adding an extension for a student in ATLASIf you grant an extension to a student, you will need to record it in the ATLAS workspace.  This will allow the student to keep working after the workspace closes for other students.
Creating sets in ATLAS based on MyLO GroupsYou can set up Sets in MyLO, so that each tutor can select their marking set from a drop down menu. The Lead Tutor can add or remove students from sets as required.

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PebblePad Resources

PebblePad 'Learn the Lingo'A glossary of commonly used terms for PebblePad and ATLAS (requires login)
PebblePad TipsheetsDownloadable PDF's of PebblePad help documentation (requires login)
PebblePad YouTube ChannelShort videos (each less than 90 seconds) on the basics of PebblePad
PebblePad CommunityA place to share stories, gather ideas and build your knowledge
PebblePad Knowledge BaseResources on effective practice (things like webinars and user group recordings) through to technical and how-to guides
PebblePad ForumsDiscussion boards to share and learn from others 
PebblePad Use CasesUse cases from various international universities published from PebbleBash 2016
PebblePad Case StudiesCase studies from national and international universities
PebblePad WebinarsLonger, more in depth webinar recordings from various international universities

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