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Finding and Removing PebblePad Assets

In Pebble+ you have the ability to view where you have shared your assets as well as the option to delete shares or remove a submission from a workspace. Follow the instructions below to locate and/or remove a share:

Finding out where you have shared an Asset

To check where your Asset has been submitted, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to your Asset store
  2. Once you are in your Asset store, you will be able to see if the Asset has been shared for Assessment by looking at the three icons on the far right - they will be greyed out if there are no relevant shares.
  3. You can click on any of the 3 icons to open the Information panel - scroll down to Shares (and/or Shared for Assessment) to see where you have shared the asset

Removing a submission from a workspace

In the Shares section of the information panel, you will see an option to Ask for submission to be removed. If you click on this - assuming the due date has not yet passed and teaching staff have not commenced marking - your submission will be removed. Once the due date passes, or marking commences, you will need to contact teaching staff for your course to arrange the removal of an incorrect submission.