Research Governance

Research governance ensures that the principles, requirements and standards of research are upheld.

It enables the protection of research participants, the safety and quality of research, privacy and confidentiality, legal and regulatory matters, risk management, and monitoring arrangements. Effective research governance promotes a positive research culture and sustainable practices that facilitate the conduct of high-quality research.

The University's Legal Compliance Framework ensures all legal obligations are identified, risk assessed and managed appropriately and that non compliances are reported and used to inform continuous improvement. The Research Governance Model and Process Frameworks have been developed based on the Legal Compliance Framework with a focus on research related obligations.

The Research Governance Office aims to work collaboratively with risk owners to develop, maintain and monitor standardised and functional frameworks to meet legal obligations.

    Specialist advice, guidance, and training in safe and compliant management is provided at Research Division - Research Governance (Staff intranet) for:

    • hazardous biological materials;
    • gene technologies;
    • clinical trials; and
    • defence export controls

    For specialist advice on research governance considerations in the following areas, please contact: