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Robyn Collins

Robyn Collins


  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Rural Health Practice
  • Master of Rural Health
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Following an early career as a self-employed dressmaker and fancy dress costume designer, I had a vocational 'makeover' and went into Nursing, initially training as an Enrolled Nurse and eventually advancing to Registered Nurse in 2004. I commenced a Master of Rural Health in 2006, completing that in 2010. After several years nursing in both the acute and aged care sectors, I've realised that my two passions are in residential aged care, where I continue to practice and Indigenous health, where I am employed as a tutor and assistant lecturer in the Indigenous Health Unit at Monash University, a position which gives me great satisfaction. The very poor state of Indigenous health is a story that really needs to be understood by the wider community.

While undertaking my Doctorate, I intend to continue to offer Indigenous Health education to undergraduate health professionals at the Peninsula and Gippsland campuses of Monash and also to maintain my work in the aged care sector, as much as time will allow.

My study will focus specifically on the impact of falls (including those resulting in serious injury and death) on the carers and families of aged residents in residential care facilities in the private, public and community controlled sectors in rural areas. I am particularly interested in how the reflections and perceptions of care offered prior to and following a fall may change policy and practice at a management level.