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Research, Projects & Activities

Welcome to the Rural Health Research, Projects & Activities Website

The Centre for Rural Health (CRH) has a vigorous program of research and dissemination of the results of that research as part of its commitment to excellence in improving the health of rural communities. This research program is driven by the belief that high quality community engagement projects are translatable into research forums that influence practice, policy and research in rural health. That is, we seek a range of outcomes for rural communities from our work, which include research publications that can help shape directions for policy decision-makers, practitioners and researchers wanting to know more about rural health. This area of our website has been set aside to provide our staff and students with resources for helping ensure that our rural communities benefit from our attention to excellence in research. Resources here target grant writing and publication in ways that aim to foster a climate of collaboration and service to Tasmania.

Further information about the CRH research activities or this web site should be directed to academic research leader at