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Thuy Thanh Le

Thuy Thanh Le

Master of Medical Science (MMedSc)
Masters Candidate


  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (Monash University)
  • Registered Pharmacist (The Pharmacy Board of Victoria)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Swinburne University)

Research Interests

  • Natural therapy
  • Complementary medicine
  • Community health and wellbeing


Thuy was a Monash pharmacy graduate and she has worked as a community pharmacist. She specialises in natural medicine such as vitamins and herbs. Furthermore, her primary goal is to raise more awareness in natural therapy, such as vitamins and mineral salts and to create more understanding in this field in order to benefit the community.

Current Research

Thuy's research focuses on nail biting (onychophagia) which is a common habit in children and teenagers. The complications manifested from nail biting may be quite serious in the long term, such as bleeding, bacterial infections, yeast infections, oral herpes, and dental problems. These would also include serious complications of hypocalcaemia when it is not diagnosed early enough. The risk is also substantially higher in children who are lactose intolerant.

The main aim of this study is to examine the possible link between nail biting in children and its related health problems, with a focus on calcium deficiency. The target participants are parents/caretakers of children (including teenagers) who have children with nail biting. The study will recommend preventive measures for nail biting in children and teenagers and hope to eradicate this in the long term.


  • Dr Quynh Le
  • Dr Gerard Gill
  • Dr Penny Allen