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2014 Publications

Research Publications

Journal Articles

  1. Barnett, AP, Hoang, Ha, Stuart, J., Crocombe, LA and Bell, EJ, "Utilisation of oral health services provided by non-dental health practitioners in developed countries: a review of the literature", Community Dental Health, 31(4) pp. 224-233. ISSN 0265-539X (2014) [Refereed Article]
  2. Bell, EJ, Crocombe, LA, Campbell, SJ, Goldberg, LR and Seidel, BM*, "Understanding the Research–Policy Divide for Oral Health Inequality", Healthcare Policy, 10 (1) pp. 64-81. ISSN 1715-6572 (2014) [Refereed Article]
  3. Bridgman, H and Mercer, J*, "Why doing diabetes 'by the numbers' doesn't always work", Australian Diabetes Educator, 17 (2) pp. 16-18. (2014) [Professional, Refereed Article]
  4. Buist, MD, Jaffray, L.,Bell, EJ, Hanna, L., Weinstein, P., Kumar, S., and Grimmer, K., "Utilization of beds on the general medical unit by "non acute medical" patients: A retrospective study of incidence and cost in two Tasmanian regional medical hospital units", Internal Medicine Journal (Online), 44 (2) pp. 171-177. ISSN 1445-5994 (2014) [Refereed Article]
  5. Cheek, CG, Bridgman, H., Fleming, T., Cummings, EA, Ellis, L., Lucassen, MFG, Shepherd, M., and Skinner, TC, "Views of Young People in Rural Australia on SPARX, a Fantasy World Developed for New Zealand Youth With Depression", Journal of Medical Internet Research, 16 (1) pp. 1-12. ISSN 1438-8871 (2014) [Refereed Article] [Full Text]
  6. Crocombe, LA, Brennan, DS, Slade, GD, Stewart, JF, and Spencer, AJ, "The effect of lifetime fluoridation exposure on dental caries experience of younger rural adults", Australian Dental Journal ISSN 0045-0421 (2014) [Refereed Article]
  7. Crocombe, LA., Slack-Smith, L., Bell, EJ., and Barnett, AP., "The Changing Oral Health Situation in Australia and Moving Towards Primary Oral Health Care", Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management 9 (1) pp. 45-49 ISSN 1833-3818 (2014) [Refereed Article]
  8. Fleming, TM, Cheek, C., Merry, SN,  Thabrew, H., Bridgman, H., Stasiak, K., Shepherd, M., Perry, Y., and Hetrick, S., "Serious games for the treatment or prevention of depression: a systematic review", Revista de Psicopatologia y Psicologia Clinica, 19 (3) pp. 227-242. ISSN 1136-5420 (2014) [Refereed Article]
  9. Godwin, D., Hoang, Ha, Crocombe, LA and Bell, ERC, "Dental practitioner rural work movements: A systematic review", Rural and Remote Health, 14 (3) Article 2825. ISSN 1445-6354 (2014) [Refereed Article]
  10. Ha, DH, Crocombe, LA and Mejia, GC, "Clinical oral health of Australia's rural children in a sample attending school dental services", Australian Journal of Rural Health, 22 pp. 316–322. ISSN 1038-5282 (2014) [Refereed Article]
  11. Hoang, Ha, Le, Q., and Terry, D., "Women's access needs in maternity care in rural Tasmania, Australia: A mixed methods study", Women and Birth, 27 (1) pp. 9-14. ISSN 1871-5192 (2014) [Refereed Article]
  12. Hoang, Ha, Le, Q., and Ogden, K., "Women's maternity care needs and related service models in rural: A comprehensive systematic review of qualitative evidence", Women and Birth pp. 9. ISSN 1871-5192 (2014) [Refereed Article]
  13. Kraatz, J., Qin, D., Hoang, Ha, Godwin, D., and Crocombe, LA, "Regional use of the Australian Chronic Disease Dental Scheme", Australian Journal of Rural Health, 22 (6) pp. 310–315. ISSN 1038-5282 (2014) [Refereed Article]
  14. Le, Q., Auckland, SRJ., Nguyen, HB and Murray, SL, and Long, G., and Terry, DR, "Food Security in a Regional Area of Australia: A Socio-economic Perspective", Universal Journal of Food and Nutrition Science, 2 (4) pp. 50-59. ISSN 2333-2727 (2014) [Refereed Article]
  15. Le, Q., Auckland, SRJ, Nguyen, HB, and Terry, DR, "Views and Perceptions of Local Council Partners Concerning a Regional-scale Health Promotion Initiative in Rural Australia", Universal Journal of Public Health, 2 (7) pp. 181-188. ISSN 2331-8880 (2014) [Refereed Article]
  16. Loudon, A., Barnett, AP, Piller, N., Immink, M., and Williams, AD, "Yoga management of breast cancer-related lymphoedema: A randomised controlled pilot-trial", BMC Complementary & Alternative Medicine, 14 Article 214. ISSN 1472-6882 (2014) [Refereed Article] [Full Text]
  17. Mulholland, P., Barnett, AP and Spencer, J., "Interprofessional learning and rural paramedic care", Rural and Remote Health, 14 (3) Article 2821. ISSN 1445-6354 (2014) [Refereed Article]
  18. Muzoora, M., Terry, DR, and Asiimwe, AA, "The Valorisation of African Languages and Policies in the African Education Systems: A Case of Uganda", Universal Journal of Educational Research 2 (1) pp. 42-50 ISSN 2332-3213 (2014)
  19. Spencer, J., Woodroffe, JJ, Cross, M., and Allen, PL, "''A golden opportunity'': exploring interprofessional learning and practice in rural clinical settings", Journal of Interprofessional Care Article 970250. ISSN 1356-1820 (2014) [Refereed Article]
  20. Terry, DR, Le, Q., and Hoang, H., "Satisfaction amid professional challenges: International medical graduates in rural Tasmania", Australasian Medical Journal, 7 (12) pp. 500-517. ISSN 1836-1935 (2014) [Refereed Article]
  21. Terry, DR and Le, Q., "Social capital among migrating doctors: the 'Bridge' over troubled water", Journal of Health Organization and management, 28 (3) pp. 315-326. ISSN 1477-7266 (2014) [Refereed Article]
  22. Yeoh, JSW, Le, Q and McManamey, RM, "Challenges of Food Security for Migrants Living in a Regional Area of Australia: Food Availability, Accessibility and Affordability", Journal of Food Security, 2 (3) pp. 72-78. ISSN 2372-0107 (2014) [Refereed Article] [Full Text]
  23. Yue, Yun, Le, Q., and Terry, DR, "Transition to an unfamiliar environment: International Students' living experiences in an Australian regional area", Journal of the Australian and New Zealand Student Services Association (JANZSSA), 23 (April 2014) pp. 10-20. ISSN 1320-2480 (2014) [Refereed Article] [Full Text]

Chapter in a Book

  1. Terry, DR and Terry, MM, "The globalisation of health care and health care professional acculturation",Acculturation psychology, processes and global perspectives, Nova Science Publishers, Inc, Jack Merton (ed), New York, pp. 235-250. ISBN 978-1-63321-348-7 (2014) [Research Book Chapter]

Conference Publication

  1. Barrett, A., Terry, DR and Le, Q., "Challenges and contributions of rural community nursing into Tasmanian health workforce and services: A qualitative study", 20-21 November 2014, Western Australia (2014) [Conference Extract]
  2. Bell, E., Crocombe, LA., "Data Mining and Dentograms: Some Possibilities for using21st C Computational Linguistic to Reinvent Oral Health Research"  The 6th International Meeting of Methodological issues in Oral Health Research, Adelaide, April 2014
  3. Bird, ML, Cheney, MJ and Williams, A, "Do community-dwelling adults with cancer have higher rates of accidental falls?", 16-18 November, 2014, Sydney, Australia (2014) [Conference Extract]
  4. Bird, ML, Millar, J., Clark, BD, Whetton, SG and Smith, SA, "Engaging older adults in technology to improve balance", 16-18 November, 2014, Sydney, Australia (2014) [Conference Extract]
  5. Boyer, K., King, A., Orpin, P., and Rubie, K., "We Didn't Think about it much: Screening for nutritional risk" Australian Association of Gerontology National Conference, Adelaide 26-28 November
  6. Bridgman, H and Cheek, CG, "Community Service Mapping for Young People Referred for Mental Health and/or Behavioural Problems in North West Tasmania – Preliminary Findings", Sept 16, 2014, University Department of Rural Health North Coast (2014) [Conference Extract]
  7. Carroll, M, Walker, J, van der Ploeg, W., Orpin, P., Boyer, K., and Bartlett, H., "A Review of Rural Ageing Well Interventions" 3rd Annual NHMRC Symposium on Research Translation, Melbourne 12-13 November 2014
  8. Crocombe, LA., Brennan, DS., Slade, GD., Stewart, J., and Spencer, AJ., "The Effect of Lifetime Fluoridation Exposure on Younger Rural Adults" The 6th International Meeting of Methodological issues in Oral Health Research, Adelaide, Australia April 2014
  9. Crocombe, LA., "Population Oral Health" Primary Care Theme Meetings Menzies Research Institute, University of Tasmania, Hobart May 2014
  10. Harris, M and Mendoza, J*, "Ready, willing and able to have THAT conversation: A conversation for life", 15th International Mental Health Conference, 25-27 August, Gold Coast, Australia ISBN 978-1-922232-16-8 (2014) [Non Refereed Conference Paper]
  11. Hoang, Ha, Crocombe, LA, Kraatz, J and Qin, D and Godwin, D., "A retrospective analysis of Medicare rebate claims over time and region of the Australian Chronic Disease Dental Scheme for the period 2008–2012", 1-3 April 2014, Adelaide, Australia (2014) [Plenary Presentation]
  12. Ingles, J., Sarina, T., Connell, V., Kozlovski, J., Yeates, L., Kawa, J., Hunt, L., Ogden, K., Davis, A., Weintraub, R., McTaggart, D., McGaughran, J., and Semsarian, C., "The Australia Genetic Heart Disease Registry: The first 5 years", Heart, Lung and Circulation, 7 - 11 August, 2013, Gold Coast, Australia ISSN 1443-9506 (2014) [Conference Extract]
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  14. Kirschbaum, M., Page, A., Khalil, H., and Taylor, S., "Through the farm gate: Pharmacy students' intention in pursuing a rural career", conference proceedings, 21-23 May 2014, Brisbane, pp. 1. (2014) [Conference Extract]
  15. Kirschbaum, M., Khalil, H., and Page, A., "Clinical placements by Australian University School of Pharmacy: A mapping study", Conference proceedings, 21-23 May 2014, Brisbane (2014) [Conference Extract]
  16. Le, Q., "Challenges facing vulnerable young adults in food security: Health disparities and regional disadvantage", 17 – 20 August 2014, Anchorage, Alaska, USA (2014) [Conference Extract]
  17. Le, Q., "Spatial analysis of access to healthy food in a rural area of Australia", 17 – 20 August 2014, Anchorage, Alaska, USA. (2014) [Conference Extract]
  18. Marathe, J., Lim, WH, Dekker, GA, and Hague, WM, "Gestational Diabetes and Obstetric Cholestasis – a 10-year retrospective cohort review of outcomes and predictors", Diabetologia: clinical and experimental diabetes and metabolism, 15-19 September, 2014, Vienna, Austria ISSN 0012-186X (2014) [Conference Extract]
  19. Marathe, J and Ogden, K and Woodroffe, J., "Health literacy, genetic literacy and outcomes in patients with genetic cardiac disease: A review of the literature", Heart, Lung and Circulation, pp. e12, 23 (Suppl 2). (2014) [Conference Extract]
  20. Marathe, J and Ogden, K., "Knowledge and perceptions of genetic cardiac diseases amongst medical students - a pilot survey", Heart, Lung and Circulation, 7 - 11 August, 2013, Gold Coast, Australia ISSN 1443-9506 (2014) [Conference Extract]
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  23. Terry, DR, Barrett, A., Le, Q., and Hoang, Ha, "Rural Community Nurses: Insights into Health Workforce and Health Service Needs in Tasmania", Conference proceedings, 14-15 March 2014, Vancouver, Canada, pp. 58. (2014) [Conference Extract]


Contract Report/ Consultants Report

  1. Auckland, SRJ, Woodroffe, JJ, and Allen, P., Tasmania Medicare Local Social Determinants of Health Project: Thematic Analysis of Community Proposals, University of Tasmania (2014) [Contract Report]              
  2. Barnett, AP, Auckland, SRJ, Bridgman, H., Cross, DMG, Dennis, S and Kirschbaum, M, Rural Health Benchmarking Project 2013/14 Final Report and Recommendations, CRH, Tasmania (2014) [Contract Report]
  3. Barnett, AP, Cross, DMG, Hills, NJ, Kirschbaum, M., Bridgman, H., Valk, M., Deakin, C., and Spencer, J., Simulated Learning Environments Distributed Simulation Project: Final Report University of Tasmania, HWA, Adelaide (2014) [Contract Report]
  4. Barrett, A., Terry, and DR, Le, Q., "Rural community nurses: Insights into health workforce and health service needs in Tasmania" (2014) [Report]
  5. Cleland, V., Squibb, K., Hughes, C., Venn, A., Thornton, L., and Ball, K*, "Creating environments that support active living in rural Tasmania: Findings from a qualitative study", pp. 1-18. (2014) [Report]
  6. Eyles, KJ, Wild, AL and Eversole, R., Retirement Living in Tasmania: Expanding choices, informing decisions, Institute for Regional Development, University of Tasmania (2014) [Contract Report]
  7. Eyles, KJ, Wild, A., and Eversole, R, Retirement living in Tasmania: Expanding choices, informing decisions, Institute for Regional Development, University of Tasmania (2014) [Consultants Report]
  8. Eyles, KJ, Eversole, R., and Broun, DJ, West Coast: Place Based Workforce Planning Project, Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations and the Cradle Coast Authority (2014) [Consultants Report]
  9. Harris, MW and Auckland, SRJ, "Senate Select Committee on Health", Senate Select Commitee, Parliament of Australia, Australia (2014) [Government or Industry Research]
  10. Harris, MW, "Intentional self-harm and suicidal behaviour in children", Submission to the National Children's Commissioner (2014) [Report]
  11. Long, G., Peaty, G., Auckland, SRJ, Le, Q and Nguyen, HB, Dorset community health and wellbeing survey, Tasmanian Health Organisation-North, Dorset Primary Health, Department of Health and Human Service, 1 (2014) [Contract Report]
  12. Long, G., Peaty, G., Auckland, SRJ, Le, Q., Nguyen, HB, Dorset community health and wellbeing survey, Tasmanian Health Organisation-North, Department of Health and Human Services (2014) [Contract Report]