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Geography and Spatial Sciences

If you're passionate about tackling wicked problems in today’s complex world, such as climate change, social inequality, nature conservation and resource use, then Geography and Spatial Sciences are for you. Graduates develop the skillset to map environmental and social change, analyse human-environment interactions, and contribute to sustainable outcomes.

Geography and Spatial Sciences lead to exciting careers in surveying and GIS; social policy, planning and development; and environmental and resource management, planning and protection.

Our graduates are in demand in industry, government and the community sector for their ability to solve problems creatively; work in multidisciplinary teams; integrate social and physical sciences; conduct fieldwork and analyse data; and communicate to diverse audiences.

Our award-winning teaching team offers a range of professionally accredited and high-impact programs based on world-leading research, student-centred enquiry, hands-on experience and exploring Tasmania’s unique natural and social environments.