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InPlace and NSW Health ClinConnect Compliance

In addition to completing University of Tasmania compliance requirements, prior to undertaking any Professional Experience Placement (PEP) in NSW, all students must complete NSW Health Compliance requirements and be verified in their placement management system, ClinConnect.

NSW Health ClinConnect verification is separate to the University of Tasmania requirements. Therefore, students will need to submit specific compliance documents to both the University and NSW Health.

There are two components to NSW Health ClinConnect Compliance. These are:

General Compliance

  • NSW Health Code of Conduct
  • National Police Certificate (and ESRU clearance if offenses are listed on your police certificate)
  • 100 point ID checklist (medical laboratory students only)
  • NSW Heath Pathology Privacy Undertaking Form for Employee/Contractor (medical laboratory students only)


Health Protection Status (Immunisation Compliance)

University of Tasmania compliance can be checked at any time by logging in to InPlace. NSW Health ClinConnect verification can be monitored within InPlace by viewing the compliance item: NSW Health ClinConnect Status.

NSW Health ClinConnect Status is view only for students. This compliance item is updated weekly via a direct data import between ClinConnect and InPlace. (First year students note:  this item will only become active after Semester One census date).

There are three levels of NSW Health ClinConnect Compliance status:

NSW Health ClinConnect Status: Compliant

Students have met all NSW Health compliance requirements and will only need to update their ClinConnect status when nearing expiry.

InPlace view:

NSW Health ClinConnect Status: Temporary Compliant


Students have presented their national police certificate, NSW Health Code of Conduct, and the minimum vaccination record requirements to NSW Health, but still need to complete either Hepatitis B vaccinations and serology and/or TB screening.

Temporary compliance lasts for six months and NSW Health only grants this once to first year students. Please note:

  • Nursing students may attend first year placement with NSW Health Temporary Compliance if their temporary status expires after the end of placement and all University of Tasmania mandatory compliance requirements have been met. However, outstanding requirements will need to be completed to be eligible to attend second year placements as scheduled
  • Medical laboratory students may attend their placement if their temporary status expires after the end of placement and all University of Tasmania mandatory compliance requirements have been met
  • Paramedic students
    • Non – NSW Ambulance placements: may attend if their temporary status expires after the end of placement and all University of Tasmania mandatory compliance requirements have been met
    • Emergency Ambulance placements: may only attend if fully compliant with both University of Tasmania and NSW Health.

InPlace view:

NSW Health ClinConnect Status: Not Compliant

Students have either not presented their police certificate, NSW Health Code of Conduct, and/or have not met NSW Health minimum vaccination requirements.

InPlace view:

Campus Partners

Further information about University of Tasmania and NSW Health compliance requirements can be found on the University of Tasmania Compliance home page.

NSW Health ClinConnect Campus Partners

NSW Health allocates ClinConnect partners based on which Local Health District (LHD) the campus is located within.

Each partner has their own process for students to obtain NSW Health ClinConnect compliance. When the NSW PEP Team believe students will be able to obtain either Temporary Compliant or Compliant status, students will be advised of the next step.

Rozelle Campus

Sydney Local Health District Clinical Placement Unit (SLHD-CPU) is the Rozelle campus partner for all on campus students, as well as NSW based Child and Family Health Students, and Tasmanian medical laboratory, nursing and paramedic students attending placement in NSW.

SLHD-CPU requires students to scan their compliance documents into a single PDF emailed from the students University of Tasmania email address only. Please state in the subject line: Verification Documents: Your Full Name and University of Tasmania Student ID.

If students need any assistance with either University of Tasmania or NSW Health ClinConnect compliance requirements, please contact the NSW PEP Team via