Telling Places in Country (TPIC)


Aboriginal Life Stories - Clanspeople Encountered

Known as Peacock to the Straitsmen she had lived as a Tyreelore, or island wife, for many years in the eastern Bass Strait islands. Ghoneyannener was a Leetermairrener clanswoman, now known as Port Dalrymple, a clan of the Stoney Creek nation. She was aged about 38 in 1830 when she, along with Tanleboneyer, were taken away from Gun Carriage Island by James Parish to help with the military operation 'The Line'. She ran away from Parish at Pipers River and joined the small group at Anson's Plains where Robinson's expedition met them soon after. Robinson considered Ghoneyannener as a mischievous old woman. He did not trust her because she had already absconded once and she was not requested to be a guide in the next expedition to the mainland. Ghoneyannener, who was reported by the doctor as being in 'perfect health, died 'very suddenly' in exile at the Aboriginal Establishment on Gun Carriage Island on 23 May 1831 at the age of about 40.