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Aboriginal Life Stories - Robinson's Clan Guides

Also known as Tuererningher, Pagerly was first married to Mangana who had died in 1829. She was a sister to a female Nuenonne clan leader known as Nelson and their clan territory was on Bruny Island which was part of the South East nation lands. Pagerly was among the first group of guides who accompanied Robinson on his expedition from 1829 when he set out from Hobart Town to walk the rugged and remote western coastline. This trek was long and difficult as the expedition walked from Bruny Island in the southeast to Robbin's Island in the northwest. Pagerly remained a loyal guide to Robinson travelling with his group over much of the island between 1829 and 1835. In 1836 Robinson took up his position as commandant at the Wybalenna Aboriginal Establishment and along with the rest of his guides Pagerly joined her fellow clanspeople in exile. Her second husband was Kickerterpoller and it appears that she did not remarry after his death in 1832. In 1837 only two years after her epic journeys around Van Diemen's Land were completed Pagerly is listed as having died (Plomley, 1987: 909) and she was interred in the Wybalenna burial ground as burial number 24. She was obviously a strong and fit woman up until 1835 and it is not known what caused her death.